Freaky-Friday in the MiX !

Here is your Weekend Starter!
From 8-11pm CET. We make it your night out!
Every friday mostly brand new & unique mix-sets made only by excellent DJ’s mixing Italo, Disco, High NRG & Nu-Disco .

8pm CET – Marc HartmanMore 4 On the floor 16

22 eclictic electronic tracks mixed from Italoconnection, Pardon Moi, Pablo Bozzi and sooooo much more!

Playlist in the comments

9pm CET – DJ Gustav – Tanz mit Mir vol 4

Enjoy this Nu-Disco & Italomix by the Dutch DJ Bertin Bom aka Gustav

10 pm CET – Alex Ivens closes every friday with Cafe FutureRecords.

This friday 3 mixes in one! Alex starts with the Ultimate Lime Megamix (24 tracks), then you hear the Laserdance Megamix ( 14 tracks) followed by Modern Talking mix (11 tracks). And this all in only 1 hour!

Tracklists is in the comments below!

Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET.

2 thoughts on “Freaky-Friday in the MiX !

  1. More 4 On The Floor 16 by Marc Hartman
    01. Italo Connection – Exil.
    02. Strapontin – Another Job.
    03. Pardon Moi – Rodeo Star
    04.Back From The Wave – Cosmic Dancer
    05. DC Salas – Quiet Your Mind.
    06. Psycho Weazel – Melodrama
    07. Ducati Flux – Monomachine.
    08. Darlyn Vlys – Dreams Of Vanishing
    09. Kimshies – Trapped
    10. Pablo Bozzi – Riding Trough Kyoto
    11. Heidenreich – Zarathustra
    12. Chinaski – City Galerie
    13. The Organism – Ego
    14. Younger Than Me – The Early Sound Of Nothing
    15. Ausher – Ending Pleasure
    16. Black Spuma – Giro D’Italia
    17. Cyda – Machine
    18. Alen Skanner – Supernova
    19. Parissior – The Most Urgent Messages
    20. Darlyn Vlys – Fog
    21. CYRK – Italo Blade
    22. Gun – The Reef.

  2. Lime Mega Mix Alex Ivens
    BPM 105-140
    Intro Are you ready
    Take The Love
    Rendez Vous On The Dark Side
    Cutie Pie
    Do Your Time On The Planet
    Please Say You Will
    Gold Digger
    Say you love me
    Profile Of Love
    Don’t You Wanna Do It
    Give Me Your Body
    I Don’t Wanna Lose You
    You’re My Magician
    Angel Eyes
    Take It Up
    On The Grid
    Unexpected Lovers
    Closer To You
    Come And Get Your Love
    Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight
    Your Love
    Help Yourself
    Wake Dream

    Laserdance Mega mix
    Humanoid Invasion
    Digital Dream
    Future Generation
    Space Dance
    Goody’s Return
    You & Me
    My Mine
    Mars Invaders
    Around the Planet
    Battle Cry
    Shotgun (Into the night)

    Modern Talking mix
    You can win if you want
    You’re my heart, you’re my soul
    Jet Airliner
    Brother Louie
    Atlantis is calling
    Cheri Cheri Lady
    Geronimo’s Cadillac
    In 100 Years
    Let’s talk about love
    Sweet little Sheila
    Just we two (Mona Lisa)