Freaky-Friday in the MiX !

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From 8-11pm CET. We make it your night out!
Every friday mostly brand new & unique mix-sets made only by excellent DJ’s mixing Italo, Disco, High NRG & Nu-Disco .

8pm CET – Marc Hartman(NL) More 4 on the floor vol 3

28 Tracks mixed from Tantra, Mono Han, Faithless a.o.

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9pm CET – Antonio Sacco from Italy – Koto Tribute Mix

Tonight we air again a mix by the winner of Riccione DJ Contest on may 2023. One of his prizes was several hours of airplay on Radio Stad den Haag. last week we aired his first mix. Tonight he made a special mix dedicated to Anfrando Maiola of KOTO who passed away sadly and suddenly last friday…. May he rest in peace and thank you Antonio.

Playlist is in the comments.

10 pm CET – Alex Ivens (NL) closes every friday with Cafe FutureRecords.

Tonight Cafe 80s yearmix 1983 Part 2!
62 Pop & Disco Tracks mixed in one hour and Alex always uses fun samples!

Playlist is in the comments below!

Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET.

RMXD Show By DJ Zwaardski !

08-10pm CET – Every thursday RMXD. on Radio Stad, welcome to show 122!
The best radio show for die hard Mix Freaks. Produced, put together and presented by Harold Zwaartman !
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Enjoy a fantastic new episode with every week a special item & short interviews with the DJ, hosted by DJ Zwaardski.
Tonight a DJ Prince (Vikram Rai, Stavanger Norway) Special!
This Norwegian DJ and producer, he has been active since 1986. Some of the milestones he has achieved are: becoming Norways best club DJ in 2009, a top 3 hit singel on US Billboard Dance Chart in 2001 and contributing in several books and articles about harmonic mixing. He is also the influence and contributer to the industry standard DJ software ‘Mixed In Key’.

Enjoy these mashups and mixsets;
Aha – Touchy remix * 80’s party mix for adults * Professional Widower * Studio 54 Party Groove Mini Mix (Exclusive!) * Evelyn Champagne King – Your Personal touch remix * Olav Basoski – Duende remix * The Party Mashup Medley * Mr. Mister – Broken Wings remix *

My Funky Heroes (80’s Electro Boogie Mix) * Fresh Prince – Summertime Madness thing * Disco Breaks 2013 Remake * DJ Prince & Justin K – Got to have 2010 Remix *
Ceejay vs Wham vs Michael Jackson * Toney Lee – Love so Deep remix* Disco Blueprints

Enjoy, as always…..RMXD!
For Mixfreaks, By Mixfreaks!***

Andre den Hartog’s Stad Classics Live !

8pm CET- here is ‘Stad Classics’ live show hosted by DJ Andre! The summer is magic!

Re-live your youth!
Andre used to be a club DJ in the 80s, has a huge vinyl collection and lots of music knowledge.

Expect music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Music from the time you were dating and going to Clubs & Discotheques and..items like ‘who sampled who’ and other very nice music facts.

And…he always ends with a something special

Watch it here and join our chat!

20:00 uur – Andre Den Hartog draait vanavond weer gave platen uit zijn enorme archief.

‘Stad Classics’ is een programma waar je weer helemaal terug gaat naar je jeugd en dus ook jouw stap-tijd. De Marathon, Corniche Club, Het Teejater, Sandokan, Cartouche, Club Westwood, de IT, Tempel, La D S, of welke club dan ook! Misschien zelfs wel Studio 54! Stil zitten wordt lastig.