New Years Eve 2020 in the MiX

******Celebrate New Years eve with Radio Stad Den Haag !******

From 8pm CET till after midnight we programmed 5 Smashing party mixes for you made by National & International mix DJ’s. Counting down to the new Year!

8pm CET – DJJW starts this party night with an Albert One tribute mix of 44 minutes. Lots of edits and even spoken words of Alberto are mixed in. This was Alberto’s year!
Playlist is in the comments.

8:45pm CET – Hans H. is next in line up. He made a very nice New Gen mix, his second one this year. JD Jaber, Vanello, Mirko Hirsch a.o..
Playlist in the comments

9:45pm CET – Dont Mix, Play! This is the motto of the fantastic Spanish mixer Sergi Elias! Listen to his ‘Future Pop Alternative’ mix made this year.

10:45pm CET – Like a Spoom…this mix is very short, refreshing & prepairing you for the last mix this evening. Steve Burbon – Marcel de Van – Universe Mix.

11pm CET – Miss Ingrid Elting closes this new years eve with a ‘Top 100 2020’ set of 1 hour 40 minutes. She chose 20 tracks out of 100, Trans-X, Koto, Cowley, K Barre a.o including fireworks at midnight!
Playlist in the comments.

And then it is after 12 o’clock so the crew wishes you:

3 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2020 in the MiX

  1. DJJW tribute Mix Albert One;

    Time Machine
    For your love
    Heart on fire
    Hopes and Dreams
    Lady O
    Face to Face
    Lover boy
    Change your mind
    To be or not to be
    Turbo Diesel
    Crazy Family
    Outro Albert One @ Radio Stad Den Haag Studio

  2. Hans H. New Gen Mix vol 2;

    01. The Sweeps – The Last Dream (Flashback Remix)
    02. Mirko Hirsch – The Power Of Desire (Extended Version)
    03. Rakel Project – Estas En Mi Corazon
    04. Cristina Manzano – Stay With Me (Extended Version)
    05. M-Tracking – Give Me Your Hand (Maxi Version)
    06. Ken Laszlo – S.O.S. (Vocal Version)
    07. Mind Vision – Kosmos
    08. Laserdance – Mars Invaders (12” Version)
    09. J.D. Jaber – I Want You (Extended Version)
    10. Moderno – Waves Of Light (Night Mix)
    11. Eric C. Powell feat. Andrea Powell – Need A Place (Parralox Remix)
    12. Frank Lozano – I Wanna Fly (Extended Mix)
    13. Mind Vision – Digital Mind
    14. Chillymouse – Under The Ice (Van Edelsteyn Remix)
    15. Naoky feat. Stylove – Cybernetic Love (Extended Mix)
    16. Marcos Rodriguez feat. Keneida – In This World (Italoconnection Remix)
    17. Vanello & Steven Kimber – Spark (ZYX Mix)
    18. Stockholm Nightlife feat. Nathalie Hanberg – Stay One Day (Cliff Wedge Special ZYX Remix 2018)
    19. Stylove Feat. Vincent International – You Are Bambina (Extended Version)
    20. Leetvin – I Can’t Slow Down
    21. Joe Lettieri – Faces (Extended Version)
    22. Brian Krause – This Love Is Forever (ZYX Special Mix)

  3. Ingrid Elting Top 100 2020 mix including fireworks after 1 hour;

    1-96 Divine – Shoot your Shot
    2-90 Fred Ventura – The Years (go by)
    3-86 Lime – Babe, we’re gonna love Tonight
    4-84 Savage – Don’t cry tonight
    5-81 Scotch – Mirage
    6-77 Trans -X – Living on Video
    7-68 Patrick Cowley – Do you wanna Funk
    8-64 Swan – Shining Star
    9-63 Savage – Only You
    10-54 Fabian Nesti – Heigh-Ho
    11-45 Koto – Dragon’s Legend
    12-41 Donna Summer – I Feel Love
    13-35 Den Harrow – To meet me
    14-32 Via Verdi – Diamonds
    15-23 Blue Monday – New Order
    16-11 Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy
    17-10 Koto – Visitors
    18-4 My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
    19-2 K-Barré – Right by the Moon
    20-1 Albert One – For your Love