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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Every friday night the best mixes from all around the globe.. 8PM CEST..your weekend starter!

He used to call himself DJ Ripper, now we know him just Joop, Joop is making furore in Holland with his mixing skills on a national base now, this is an oldy by him but still a great mix!


And you have heard him before.. DJ JW, what a great Dutch mixer aswell, also known for his productions on National radio. Italo Mania! Playlist is in our comments.


10013602_542130825900268_1806093125_nWe end this show with a new mix by DJ Seva; The Summer Life mix in his Italo Spacesynth series.
(playlist in the comments)

Saturday at 4pm CEST we re-run these mixes for you.


Freaky HOT Friday in the MiX!


Woooooow nearly 30 degrees in the Netherlands, everybody is outdoors with ice cold drinks and..the best mixes in the background, only on RSDH!

What have we got for you… 6 short mixes by DJ Modor, he mashes up like Liebrand did. So what do you get;

An Abba mash up, A Michael Jackons going to the Dancefloor mix, A stars on house 11 vol 4 mix , and 2 Ben Liebrand Hit Medleys, a hotsound mix . Can it be any crazier?? Ppssss.. Lay back Mo(r)dorians…..


Then…DJ DJJW from Holland, he is a famous National mixer and he made this Italomania vol.1
Summer was never that close to you..!.


And DJ Seva closes of this weird Freaky evening with Italo Space Dance Mix.

This saturday you can enjoy the re-runs at 4pm CEST.

And a brrrand new Club 80s by Will Rrreid at 7pm CEST.


I’ts Friday, i’ts Hot, i’ts Freaky MiX Time.

Wherever you are, at work, on the beach, in your garden..Tune in at 8pm CEST for the best mixes on the net.

Once a month DJ Chez, Jaap de Zoete, makes a mix especially for RSDH full of the best Italo tracks.


Then..can it get more freaky then the Baldeejays vol 5. Dennis van der Berg and Peet Need mix the best know with unknown tracks.

artworks-000108663060-abd42o-t500x500Tracklist 1. Mirkko Hirch – Fire 2. Susy – In My Mind 3. Evelyn Barry – Take It As A Game (dub version) 4. Lee Marrow – Mr Fantasy 5. Savage – Only You 6. Mention – Strange World 7. Art Fine – Dark Silence 8. Dario Dell’Aere – Eagles In The Night 9. Sensitive – Driving 10. John Arrow – It’s Late Tonigh 11. M Claude – Shivers 12. M & G – When You Let Me Down 13. Roberto Onofri – Welcome Desire 14. Claudio – Crazy In The Night 15. Tenere – Moon Destination 16. Funky Family – Funky Is On 17. L.A. Messina – Day Dream

And for the spacesynth Lovers… Seva made a new Italo Space Dance Mix, The Cosmos X Mix.

10013602_542130825900268_1806093125_nHis playlist in the comments.

This saturday we re run thes mixes in the afternoon at 4pm CEST.
At 7pm CEST we re run Will Reids New Generation Italo Top 40

And this sunday we have a special guest…. Erik Vn Vliet from HOTSOUND RECORDS, he announces something BIG and NEW so tune in sunday evening at 8pm CEST!erik june 2015 c


RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX !

8pm CEST : 4 MIXES THIS FRIDAY EVENING and we re-run them this saturday at 4pm CET.

DJ Ferry S with 80s Tme Machine

va-80coversongs2014c1p5bMr. Ian Nguyen aka DJ BPM from the USA with his 18 minutes Fancy Megamix made in 2015



DJ Joey and C.C. Catch mix 2015….more German bunga bunga :p

3e0a4f5515707d2261f3a324d9faa975And last but not least DJ Seva with this weeks new Italo Space dance mix, playlist is in our comments…


Listen also tomorrow evening for the monthly New Generation Top 40 by Will Reid!


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

And it is freaky today….Start is 8pm CEST!

We received a tip….and what a brilliant one! Gerwin Janssen aka Gershwin andThe Gershwin extreme Edits.
The edits, but also the combination of tracks, are of high class. Enjoy this fantastic mix. 193 tracks in 1 hour!
Playlist (long!) in our comments.


Then 3 short mixes by Anton Nellestijn aka N-THONY-N with ‘I love the Electronic 80s 1, 2 & 3.
He mixes 4 or 5 tracks in a way that it sounds like one 12″ track.
He says “The tracks tell the story, not the DJ”.

Studio Facebook 2015

And we close this great Line-up with DJ Seva and a new Italo-Space-Dance mix. Playlist is in our comments.

We Re-run these mixes this saturday at 4pm CEST. At 7pm CEST you can listen in the re-run to Will Reid’s Club 80s Swedish Edition!