Summertime is all about love

10325680_814116715283168_3523264876587371123_nYou can read it everywhere..vinyl is booming!
And Radio Stad Den Haag supports vinyl as no other. We use vinyl every week in our live shows.

So make your collection bigger by buying all the great new releases on I Venti Records or from any other label that are active at this moment like ZYX DANCE, Flashback Records, Bordello A Parigi , Five4It records, Italian records, Disco Modernism and many more.

Support the artists and get yourself all these great collectables. Enjoy the summer with vinyl!

Two hot videos for you of lately released tracks one on i Venti Records and the other on Bordello a Parigi label.

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Sunday Live shows DOWNLOADS


Here we go! Every sunday Radio Stad den Haag LIVE on the internet, Italo & High NRG because we love it!

5pm CEST – Michiel presents ‘DoucheCo’ with dance from the 80s. He used the classic chart ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ of august 17 1985

11825100_1091181974243306_9048616891766558546_n         11873715_1091181997576637_365502000271298143_n

8pm CEST – The one and only live request show with live videostreaming. We played VINYL and your requested songs.   3 Hours with Menno, Gwen and Michiel. But also studio guests. The bold guy Peter Cooked for us live in the studio en brought a cake especially made for us. We received 2 phonecalls live in our program, one from London by  Mike and one from Sjaak. The last hour Peter and Joffrey filled in for Menno. We had great fun again! Thanks for listening.

Dank je wel  ‘Haagse Peter’ voor het lekkere eten en de taart, Topgozah!


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DoucheCo and the Sunday LIVE Request show! Downloads

The whole world is on vacation..but we continue our Series no matter what!

back-to-the-80s_385x240So at 5pm till 7pm CEST you can listen to the ever dertermined Michiel van der Brugge in ‘DoucheCo’.
Back to the dance from the 80s with the help of the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50

During dinner time a surprise mix.


10865746_10153062539774847_5670946280267341626_oAnd then, 8pm till 11pm CEST…The live Request show. This evening with  guest deejay Ronald van der Vlught because Menno is on vacation. We played a lot of your requests like Glam, Divine, savage, Shawn Benson, Roy, Tapps and many more great tracks.

We also had a PRIMEUR…with the courtesy of Flemming Dalum himself, The king of cut, his new remix of the classic track Manhattan Project-Thats impossible (release august 27) and the New Kristian Conde- Oblivian.
Watch the show in the re-run or download it for your collection. Enjoy!

This show was also broadcasted on DizGo Radio FM.

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RSDH Sunday Live shows and Mix session. DOWNLOAD

shower200-b8a53eea174954a1242d18a37a419bf8520702bc-s6-c30Dit is echt weer om een hele koude douche te nemen, waarom niet met Michiel 5 uur frist hij je voor een uurtje op met muziek uit de 80s in ‘DoucheCo’.

5pm CEST ‘DoucheCo’. Take a cold shower with Michiel and disco hits, its waaayy to hot.

Om 6 uur de maandelijkse live mix sessie met DJ Joop en DJ Renaldo!

6pm CEST a 2 hour Live Mix Session with dj’s Joop and Renaldo! De mixen vind je hier DJ Joop en Discontinu


10403387_416327031825468_2710488109064140373_nOm 8 uur is het weer tijd voor de Live request Show, deze week de laatste keer voor zijn vakantie; Menno, dan moet je hem 3 weken missen. Gwen is er deze week niet bij maar natuurlijk wel Michiel, Esther Snoep en heel veel gasten met een Radio Stad den Haag taart! Haagse Peter..bedankt!
8PM CEST The LIVE REQUEST SHOW. Last time for Menno befor his vacation, you’ll have to miss him for 3 weeks. Gwen is this sunday on a short trip. So join Menno, Michiel, Esther and lots of fun guests. Enjoy the show!



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RSDH Sunday live shows ! DOWNLOADS

Join us today LIVE on the last sunday of June.

doucheco-douchekopRefresh yourself at 5pm CEST with Michiel under the shower in ‘DoucheCo’ back to the 80s with the classic chart de ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’

And normally at the end of the month we have a 2 hour live mix session but due to illnes of one of the guys we will do this next week.

Between 7 and 8 pm a surprise mix to warm you up for the one and only LIVE REQUEST SHOW.

8PM CEST For the last time with the complete gang. Due to hollidays we will be complete again on the 2nd of August. So join Menno, Gwen and Michiel this evening at 8pm CEST for the best Italo, High NRG and new releases. We play from vinyl. We still have lots of requests from last week. send in your comment or request to the studio. Click on the ‘Song Request’ button. This evening the new Gaznevada from Italian Records, Sisma from Flashback Records, a great new track by Tobias Bernstrub and many many more. The chat is open RequestSong-Button-Buzz2.

This show is also broadcasted on DizGo




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