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Stad Italo-Disco Zondag! DOWNLOAD

20141130_160352Whole day live radio and Radio Stad den Haag TV!

17:00-19:00pm CET ‘DoucheCo’ with Michiel. Old school disco and funky tunes. He takes you back in time with the classic RSDH Chart de Haagse Flitsende 50

20:00-23:00pm CET The Live Request show with Gwen, Michiel & Menno. Paolo JayThe first two hours we had as guest deejay Paolo Jay. Paolo is Italian and a master in pronouncing WOO WOO WOO… He used to have a radio program on Fresh FM, mixes and is nowadays co hosting with Marcello the i Venti d’Azzurro on mondays where he mostly plays ‘the dance made in Italy’. We had good fun with Paolo and he played some Italian house-classics, mixed a little and played his version of Ryan Paris’ Sensation of love. We also promoted the new Compilation CD from i Venti Records Now available!.
We had loads of requests also still from last week. Thanks for sending in!!
Enjoy this great show in the rerun 🙂

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Freaky as Friday..RSDH in the MiX

Here is your Weekend starter on RSDH with allways the best mixes! Lift off at 20:00 pm CET…

Listen to this great Dutch mixer, Ron Bunschoten. His mix with groovy disco tunes gets you in the right mood for the weekend.

Mix 2014-11-113 (Ron Bunschoten)







Jose aka DJ Steam from Cordoba in Spain has sent us this mix, we had never heard of the guy so a surprise, listen to his Italo Dance mix, grab a drink and tell us what you think.

DJ Steam - Italo Dance Mix

And our good friend from the Ukraine, DJ Seva made another new Italo Space dance mix….







We rerun these mixes this saturday at 16:00pm CET. Followed by our monthly Club 80s New Generation Italo Top 40 by Will RRReid!!


Sunday Live show Special edition DOWNLOAD

10805809_928921097136062_8835767362702960845_n20:00 pm CET. This evening we had a special guest in the studio, all the way from Spain..Sergi Elias aka DJ DPM.

Sergi mixes since 1985 and used to work for Blanco Y Negro records. Half a year ago Sergi was in our mids and came up with the idea to mix all the Top 100 tracks of 2013 in one hour!  And what a show it was! (And what a warming up for the upcoming Top 100!) This sunday evening Sergi challenged himself using all mixing techniques. He also treated you with a primeur, an exclusive new production wich will be launched next year on Bordello a Parigi label and with the vocals of Fred Ventura. Due to his visit the studio was hot and packed with big names and guests!

Eddy Mi Ami, Michiel van der Kuy, Lex van Coevorden, Marcello, Jan Heerema and Ron Steusfij. Michiel van der kuy also had a primeur for you..he started to produce again and we played his new track with the typical old school Rygar laserdance sound! Next week we will get on with your requests. Enjoy the downloads of this show and have a look in the comments to see the tracklist of Sergi.


10372226_928921133802725_5148944743539903963_n  20141123_232252

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Freaky Friday in the MiX! & Saturday

In the mix

Lets start your weekend here… with RSDH in de Mix.


At 20:00pm CET… DJ JW-Samplemania 11.

His Style is Remixing tracks by using edits (like Peter Slaghuis did in the 80s) and samples, without completely ‘cutting-up’ the complete track. JW also made mixes for National Dutch Radio (Radio Veronica)


DJ Paulo Miranda_Italo (ADOL) CD4

21:00pm CET…Paulo Miranda-A Decade of love 4.

Enjoy his old school Italo Mix by this young mixer from Portugal.
And the finally is for DJ Seva Ergrover and a new Italo Space dance mix!

This saturday’s program..16:00 pm the rerun of Freaky Friday

10723616_10205436662942804_1477892701_nSaturday’s at 19:00pm CET Will Reids Club 80s show(rerun of last saturday)


Sunday Live shows on RSDH

RSDH StudioWe go live from 17:00 till 23:00pm CET from our RSDH home studio.
Of course with live videostreaming.

Enjoy Michiels show ‘Doucheco’ with the classic chart the Haagse Flitsende 50 followed by a one hour mix by Jan Willem Rijbeek to get you ready for the Request show with Menno, Gwen & Michiel.

We play your requested songs, mostley from vinyl. Click on ‘song request’ to mail the studio. Whilst your here, why not fill in your Top 10 for our upcoming Top 100 in december.
Listen to the English promo here;  Promo Top100 2014

(Also broadcasted on DizGo radio)


====> And next week in our mids…… DJ DPM Sergi Elias from Spain. He will do a live mix of the top 100 tracks of last year, in one hour! Do not miss this show, Michiel van der Kuij and Eddy Mi Ami will also be there with us. <====

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