SATURDAY on RSDH is totally ReMiXeD …

Saturdays on RSDH is your total mix experience. We make it your day & night out! From 4 till 11pm CET. Chat room is open, see you there!

4-7pm CET– Re-run of our friday mix-sets. In case you have missed it or, too good not to listen again;

*Marc Hartman – Disco Made in Holland chapter 2

*Patrick Camphens – Italo Disco Mix 2022 vol. 6

*Alex Ivens – Cafe Future Records presents ‘Future Dance Weekend Mixes part 2’

See for all details our friday post

8-9pm – Dance Destination by Ingrid Elting.

Every week she hands in a new mix and tonight you can listen to ‘Italo Party warming up Mix’

This evening Ingrid & Lex also, are booked for an Italo Party in Holland to mix the night away.

Enjoy one hour Italo mix set in All you can Dance…

9-11pm CET -A brand new RMXD. show nr. 70
Hosted by Harold Zwaartman aka DJ Zwaardski and Completely in English!
2 Hours of mix fun on your RSDH !

Welcome to your weekly bunch of fantastic mixes, remixes, mash-ups & bootlegs….brought together in RMXD
Then this is the place to be on a saturdaynight.
A special guest is in the spotlights ….the one and only Paolo Monti!
Last year Harold did an interview with this very kind hero from Italy and offcourse were gonna play a few mixes of him.
We have the debut of ‘Megabass’ in RMXD with a mix from 1989.
We serve you a new bootleg from DJ Emdee.
Furthermore on the guestlist this evening;

DJ’s Rutger Kroeze, Triple M, Donovan Dahmes, Go Home Productions, Paul Dakeyne and Bob Snoeijer
And the main items like GrandStory’s.
Listen to all previous shows via his mixcloud
For Mixfreaks, By Mixfreaks!

Please join our chatroom tonight! Share your stories with people from all over the globe. Let’s connect ! RSDH makes it your night out!
De uitgebreide serie gesprekken met mixers en Dj’s , oftewel een biografie in geluid, kun je op Harold zijn podcast volgen. RMXD the podcast

Italian masher Paolo Monti is in the spotlights tonight!