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Freaky Friday in the Mix!

freak friday Start your weekend here!

With the best mixes from all over the globe.

And we rerun them, on saturdays at 4pm CET

Are you ready for great new stuff mixed with some well known ones in Back2Basics Italo nr. 63 by
DJ Tony Renzo!


avatars-000033449479-mckvgm-t500x500Then a 33 minutes absolute rollercoaster mix made by the Grande mix master Savino Deejay.

Uncountable amount of tracks in this classic pop mix…listen very carefully and try to find all these tracks. (no playlist available)

i-love-the-electronic-80s-mix-1i-love-the-electronic-80s-mix-13-electro-editionAfter Savino 2 short mixes made by N-Thony-N

‘I love the electronic 80s’







demar-marathon-mix-5And the finale is for DeMar.

This guy made allready so many fantastic mixes. Listen to ‘Marathon mix 5 his personal favourite edition’. (Playlist in the comments)


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak fridayHere is your weekendstarter on Radio Stad den Haag.
8 till 11pm CET with again a great Line-up!

Make way for DJ Tony Renzo! This evening in his Classixx series lots of smashing tracks mixed in his ever briljant way.


All the way from Mexico..DJ Manuel Rios and his monthly mix. Enjoy Novembre filled with super tracks!


The last mix was a primeur on Radio Stad in april. Sergi Elias from Blanco Y Negro label gave it to us and will visit us again this coming sunday all the way from Spain.
Listen to this 80s mash-up mega mix that takes you through 10 years of music from the 80s; Disco, Italo, New wave and so much more. The name of the DJ that is responsible for this 62 min. piece of art.. DJ Tedu (Spain/Blanco Y Negro)! You can buy it at Blanco Y Negro or Enjoy!



Freaky Halloween Friday in the MiX

Lets Freak out together this friday eve with 3 hours in the mix.
8 till 11pm CET. No tricks…only treats! Enjoy your Halloween weekend with Radio Stad den Haag.


Fantastic bombastic This new mix made by Tony Renzo. back2Basics 60 in the mix with so many cool tracks.


Followed by a 2 hour mix made by Sean Burgess aka Dizzy Devil from the UK. This Halloween 2016 mix contains all sorts of populair music like Paul Parker, sons of Shiva feat Angie Gold, The Automatic, Allstars, Lady Gaga, Bette Midler, Eartha Kitt, Michael Jackson and so much more mixed in a Halloweeny way. Enjoy!



Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday It’s friday night, here is your weekendstarter with the best DJ’s!

8-11pm CET.

Italo and disco in the MiX on Radio Stad den Haag!

We are curently offline, our provider is doing its utmost to solve it, we hope we are back in time for our mix evening, rerun of these mixes is sat. at 4pm CET

Lets go to the disco this friday. Tony Renzo Mixed great club classics for you in his Back2Basics Classixx mix vol.8


Oh what a joy! 2 Hours long this mix made by Ron Bunschoten. It took him several weeks to complete his masterpiece; a trip donw memory lane.


Rerun is every saturday at 4pm CET!


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday8 till 11pm CET.
Enjoy your weekendstarter on Radio Stad, every week we broadcast the best Italo mixes for you!

The last hour of this friday show is a surprise mix from our archives.

Rerun is on saturday 4 till 7pm CET followed by Club 80s with Will Reid.

Every week Tony Renzo creates a smashing mix. This evening to honour producer, mixer and musician Savino Deejay! So mixing with remixes, how cool is that.


Once a month our good friend DJ Chez (Jaap de Zoete) mixes especially for the listeners of Radio Stad his Italo all the way. This time he got inspired by the letter C. Lets see how that turnes out!