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Freaky Good Friday in the MiX

freak friday-no timeHere is your weekendstarter 8 till 10 pm CET

Every friday we make your feet wanna dance. Are you a great mixer and you think you can measure with all the great mixers that we have broadcasted here? Sent us your demo to

DJ Tony Renzo’s saga continues with his Back2Basics Italo vol 39, Filled with the latest smash hits!


And we havnt heard him for a while…DJ Holly and Italo Disco Dreamer vol 31
IDD-MIX-31Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET


Freaky Friday in the MiX! and bonus clip

freak friday-no timeGet ready for the weekend…it starts here!

8 till 10pm CET with the best mixes.

The rerun is on saturday 4 till 6pm CET followed by Will Reid and Us Dance tracks

Who doesnt know Tony Renzo by now…week in week out he provides us with ever cool mixes filled with Italo-disco.
Here is Back2Basics vol 37!
Back2Basics Italo Mix 37

Once a month Manuel Rios Herrera from Mexico makes his mix with a lot of new gen. Italo..enjoy his Marzo mix

 And a bonus… The mix and the vid-mix is made this week by DJ Wingman (Joop van Wingen)


Freaky Friday in The MiX + Mix Video

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11uEnjoy your weekendstarter on Radio Stad den Haag 8 till 10pm CET….


DJ Tony Renzo in the mix with Back2Basics volume 36!


Once a month Jaap aka DJ Chez mixes exclusively for Radio Stad this Italo all the way vol 37!


And a bonus mix-vid. Mix made by DJ Renaldo, clip made by DJ Joop (Wingman) watch more of his videos and mixes here



Freaky Friday in the Mix!

freak friday-no time Get your weekend started with RSDH in the MIX!

The best National and International deejays from 8 till 10pm CET.

Re-Run is saturday at 4pm CET

10398366_1107037469327552_2434863525711711671_n DJ Tony Renzo keeps you going for weeks and month in a row now with the best classic and new tracks.

Back2Basics Italo vol 35 is here….!

85cf42b1-2fe6-481d-b00d-87c78e426058 DJ Ab is a good mix friend and he makes smashing mixes in no time and..especially for RSDH, here is the Radio Stad Mix nr 2…

enjoy this surprise, no playlist available but guaranteed top quality full of known and less known Italo Disco.