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Freaky Friday in the MiX! + bonus mixclip

freak friday-no timeAre you ready??? 8 till 10 pm CET RSDH in the mix.mix-sound-and-deejays1

Is he out of this world? We guess so…DJ Tony Renzo mixed re-released and new tracks together into Back2Basics Italo 47
Back2Basics Italo Mix 47 Tony Renzo

And once a month DJ Chez otherwise known as Jaap from Holland mixes especially for you and RSDH Italo all the way. Now a New Gen Mix… Enjoy his skills


Freaky Friday in the MiX on Radio Stad!

mix mix-sound-and-deejays1Every friday you get your kicks in the mix on Radio Stad den Haag.

8 till 10pm CET with a re-run on saturdays between 4 and 6pm CET.


Nobody gets tired of DJ Tony Renzo… every week he gives us new mixes for you to enjoy like Italo and New Gen mixes but also classics. Here is Back2Basics Mix 3 The Classixx!
Back2Basics Mix 3 The Classixx Tony Renzo

If you are a mix freak you must know DJ Peet Need, seen all over Europe and mostly mixer of the unknown underground darker Italo and Electro but here is his New Generation Italo mix vol1…with no playlist


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday-no timeParty is on people..for us in Italy and for you here..with Radio Stad den Haag, we are never far away so enjoy your weekend where ever you are.

Here is your weekend starter!!


8 PM CET ; Once a month DJ Chez makes especially for you and RSDH his Italo All the way  New generation mix..what a joy!

RSDHCover vol.399PM CET; DJ Tony Renzo in da house! Back2Basics it is….



Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday-no timeComing Up in Freaky Friday in the MiX on Radio Stad den Haag….

8 till 10pm CET;

DJ Tony Renzoooooooo! and another super Back2basics Italo clasics mix…enjoy his ever lasting mixing skills.

Back2Basics Mix 41 Tony Renzo

01cpcAnd then a new guy, from Serbia.

His name is Zoltán Botka and calls himself DJ House. Why?? we dont know. He made a mix mix, with old and some new and its called ‘Hands Up’ not for Detroit but for all of you we guess…We have no sleeve of this mix, no photo of the guy so just enjoy. His playlist is in our comments.

Rerun of these mixes is saturda at 4pm CET Followed by a fresh new Club 80s show with Will Reid and US Dance Tracks show with Maurice Hayes.


Freaky Good Friday in the MiX

freak friday-no timeHere is your weekendstarter 8 till 10 pm CET

Every friday we make your feet wanna dance. Are you a great mixer and you think you can measure with all the great mixers that we have broadcasted here? Sent us your demo to

DJ Tony Renzo’s saga continues with his Back2Basics Italo vol 39, Filled with the latest smash hits!


And we havnt heard him for a while…DJ Holly and Italo Disco Dreamer vol 31
IDD-MIX-31Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET