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The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows ! 20181125 RECORDED

Back on Air! Welcome to the Sunday live shows of Radio Stad!

With the best Italo High NRG and New gen music. lets play some vinyl today! Brought to you from our studio in The Netherlands.

Cams are rolling (scroll down)  & chat is open!

17:00 CET – Another episode of DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.

Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.

This weeks chart is from  of 29 November 1986. A great classic chart. You can look up all these charts Here.. *click* in our huge database. 

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? ga mee naar 29 november 1986, weer een top lijst …(De lijst staat ook op onze facebook sites)

Between 7 & 8 PM CET – A surprise mix 

20:00 CET… Loads of primeurs and new music tonight, Let’s make some noise and have some fun again tonight in the Request show. Hand in a track that you would like us to play for you, maybe your nr. 1 for the upcoming Top 100?.

And Menno is back on board so the gang is complete.

The guys of Moderno mailed us… if we would like to give their new track some airply..But ofcourse! Waves of Light. And Kristian Conde also requested us to play his new single, well we will show you his clip of Divina

Thanks to Sergi Elias we may air for the first time the new Andermay-en Rojo!

Also first the new tracks of mr. Konrad-Electric Kiss, Amaze-L’amore in Eddy Mi Ami remix and Helium-The force awakens (prod. Michiel vd Kuy)all on Blanco y negro Label and all will be released next week!

Furthermore grrrreat music from vinyl. We make it your night out guys.

say hello in the chat and watch us live



Show is ready to download in audio and video after the show. And i will also be available on You Tube and Mixcloud1


The sundaynight live request show RECORDED

Enjoy your summer holidays together with Radio Stad den Haag.

We will keep making our live programs throughout the summer vacation weeks.


Cams are rolling and the chat is open, we make it your night out with the best (new) music, drinks, vinyl, videoclips, friends in the studio and you out there 🙂

At 17:00 CET we have a special made, 3 hour long mix for you.

Andre den Hartog made it especially this week for the occasion, because today there is no DoucheCo live show.

Enjoy this great ‘RSDH-Summer heatwave mix 2018’ !!

Playlist in the comments of this post

At 20:00 we are Live back on Air….

20:00hr CET- Where ever you are, beach, balcony, work, at home .. listen and join the gang broadcasting live from the studio in The Netherlands.

Tonight we have a chatter-listener and friend in the studio bringing his choice of music on vinyl, his name is Oz.

We air the Italian version of En Azul- Andermay – In Bianco , thanks to Sergi Elias of Blanco Y Negro Music.
Also tonight a first, coming out in october on Nadanna records label ; 23rd Underpass-A Chase in the Flemming Dalum remix.
And.. Edy band-Sexy lady in the special Flemming Dalum Zyx mix.
But most of all, we play your requests this evening, we received allready quite a few.

Sunday is DoucheCo & the sunday night request Show! RECORDED


We loooove sundays because then we are Back on air.
Live from the RSDH Studio in The Netherlands.
Cams are on & chat is open !

Om 5 uur is het weer zo ver op deze zonovergoten dag. DoucheCo met Michiel van der Brugge.
Deze week platen uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van 25 mei 1985!

5-7pm CET... DoucheCo show Live. In this show your host Michiel is using the classic charts called
‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ that were once broadcasted every Saturday on RSDH.
Today the chart of may 25th, 1985. All these charts can be looked up HERE

19:00 CET- DJ Andre den Hartog and DJ Ricardo Bernard will do a Back2Back live mix session for you!
20:00 CET – The one and only Sunday night live Request show! Tonight Gwen is still on holiday but Menno is back so your crew tonight: Menno Schut, Michiel van der Brugge, and special co-host Peter Heijgen aka Peter de Jong!!. Peter used to be a Radio City and Marathon DJ back in the day!

Tonight we also have some very interesting and super cool world premieres! How about the new Andermay called En Blanco which will be released on the 25th of May!




foto van Fred Ventura.

Fred Ventura sent us tracks of the new release on his Discomodernism Label by Carino Cat called Balabina, release date May 18th!

We love it when you participate so hand in your request now…surprise us and we play it for you.

Also this this eves space synth and new music.

We make it your night out so get out those drinks, sit back and enjoy the show 🙂

Playlist is in the comments!

Sunday Live shows & Birthday celebration+Marathon special RECORDED

Verwacht weer een zeer bijzondere uitzending vanavond met heel veel gasten in de studio en niemand minder dan Eric Benjamin (Discotheek de Marathon) en wij vieren Marcello’s verjaardag, 60 jaar wordt de Godfather van Italo.

Prepare yourselfs for another special broadcast this eve. Take a drink, sit back and be part of us LIVE..
5-7pm CET; Michiel draait de beste tracks uit de klassieke Radio Stad hitlijst uit de jaren 80; De Haagse Flitsende 50 uit 1987.
Listen to the best tracks from the classic hit chart, once broadcasted in the 80s on Radio Stad.

7-8pm CET; A live mix session (recorded) by a Dutch famous DJ mr. Eric Benjamin (Discotch-Voyage)
Ga er maar voor zitten… Een exclusieve mix set door niemand minder dan Eric Benjamin. residential DJ van de legendarische Discotheek de Marathon. Vanavond hier live te bewonderen en natuurlijk in september op de tribute. Geniet!

8-11pm CET; The sunday night live show special edition. The Godfather/Daddy of Italo is 60 years today and we are going to celebrate this. We invited good friends as a surprise for him. Birthday cake, wine and snacks.. Thanks for all your reactions and phonecalls.

Vanavond vieren wij Marcello zijn verjaardag, hij wilde aanvankelijk niet maar daar hebben wij niks mee te maken.. Dus hoppa! Feestje. Maar dat is nog niet alles. In aanloop naar de Marathon Tribute en het boek wat geschreven gaat worden over deze discotheek hebben wij in de studio de 3 bekendste portiers.. Remy, Witte en Bruine Ben. Maar ook de toenmalige fotograaf Peter. De schrijvers van het boek Charlie Brussee en Marlon natuurlijk Eric Benjamin en heel veel gasten. Om half 11 de Stad-Marathon minimix van DJ Renaldo. 

Het was weer een avond om niet te vergeten, wat een drukte en gezelligheid! Bewaar deze, en al onze bijzondere afleveringen.

Eric in action. And we had a world exclusive this evening. Blanco Y Negro label (Sabadel/Sergi Elias) with the voice of Amaya a truely beautifull song. Available on vinyl within 6 weeks.