Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

De Stad Zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco / RSDH-Saturday’s, not your average day packed with Disco!

2-7pm CET – Rerun fridaynight shows
* Matt Williams – Synthpop Symphonies 229
* DJ Matt – Synthpop mix 229
* Alex Ivens – Cafe Future records series; Back to Italo & Spacesynth Mega mix 2
* RonalDJee – Eddy Mi Ami i venti mix 3
* Gert Immerzeel – Keep on dancing 38

See for all tracklists our friday post.

8pm CET – Yo! in the Mix part 60
DJ Johan van der Velde with a classic Italo & Disco Mix

9pm CET – Maurizio Giovane’s saturday music selection;

This evening Synthetic Reverie !

11pm CET – Midnight radio live / Met Giel en Peet de nacht in !
ENJOY your saturday eve on RSDH!