Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

De Stad Zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco / RSDH-Saturday’s, not your average day packed with Disco!

4pm CET – In the Mix (rerun fridaynight)

* Alex Ivens – Cafe Future records series; Future Mega mix 6
* Patrick Camphens – RSDH Italo Disco Mix vol 2
* DJ Silverfox – Serious Synth #1

See for all tracklists our friday post.

This evening, the 4th of May at exactly 8pm CET, the whole Nation and therefor also Radio Stad, will have 2 minutes of silence to remember all casualties from the Second WW…….

8:03pm CETGet that real old fashioned saturdaynight feeling with DJ Johan van der Velde in ‘YO! In the mix’ part 55 .

9:03pm CET – Maurizio Giovane’s saturday music selection;

Bordello a Parigi part 3 (2023) One hour of music joy with tracks from Lucca dell”Orso, Italoconnection, Mr. Pauli, Armonics, Faxe, Aroy Dee and so much more

Tracklist in the comments

11pm CET – Midnight radio live with Michiel!
ENJOY your saturday night on RSDH!

1 thought on “Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

  1. Bordello a Parigi mix 2023
    01 Italoconnection feat Etienne Daho – Virus X
    02 Luca Dell’Orso – Sixteen (Orig. Mix)
    03 Hypnotique – Ce Monde
    04 Luca Dell’Orso – Reach Out
    05 Armonics – Universal Oneness
    06 Palermo Disco Squad – Loupara
    07 Hypnotique – La Pénombre
    08 Faxe – Time For Changes (Original Version)
    09 Aroy Dee – Desire (Club Mix)
    10 Aroy Dee & Spaventi feat. J.C. Sorrow (Original Mix)
    11 WLDV – Relax & Enjoy
    12 Discobeton – Discobeton I
    13 Zakmina – Moonlight Opera
    14 Endrik Schroeder – Second Breath
    15 Leitstrahl – Daylight Comet