Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

De Stad Zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco / RSDH-Saturday’s, not your average day packed with Disco!

4pm CET – In the Mix (rerun fridaynight)

* Alex Ivens – Cafe Future records series; Bobby O Megamix 2024
* Manuel Rios – Marzo 2024
* Gert Immerzeel – Keep on dancing 31

See for all tracklists our friday post.

8-9:53pm CETGet that real old fashioned saturdaynight feeling with DJ Johan van der Velde in ‘YO! In the mix’ part 49 . 2 Hours of The best disco in town mixed freshly every week!

(Due to their busy working schedule and other matters there are no longer mixsets by DJ Ingrid & Lex on saturday evenings. We thank them so much for handing in their mixes especially for our listeners all those years !)

9:53pm CET – Synthec Reverie by Maurizio Giovane.
For all you electro lovers out there, one hour of infectious electronic music chosen by Maurizio.
Tracklist is in the comments

11pm CET – Midnight Radio live with Michiel
ENJOY your saturday night on RSDH!

1 thought on “Every Saturday = Disco Day In the MiX!

  1. Tracklist Maurizio Giovane :

    01 Dina Summer- Rimini
    02 Pablo Bozzi – Sleepless Nights
    03 Yöurr – Nevermind [Critical Monday]
    04 Arkademode – Second Lesson (Original Mix) [Mélopée Records]
    05 Nuovo Testamento – Sweetheart
    06 Cosmosolar – Do Where I Do [Nein Records]
    07 Highlite – Otherdisco [Heahmon! Records]
    08 Patricio Diaz – keep it strong
    09 Jet Hammer – Last Night (Original) [Running Back]
    10 Mr Pauli – le crunch
    11 Lauer feat Dena – Make It Stay (Gerd Janson Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
    12 SosandLow – Happy Ending (Machinegewehr Remix) [Sinchi]
    13 Nouveau Futur – Amour Ephemere
    14 Machia & Velli – Pentecoste (Original Mix) [Bungalo Disco]
    15 Pablo Bozzi – Last Vision
    16 Kendal – mort sur le dancefloor (tgc_mix)