RMXD Show December Special editions.

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It’s December special Mix month at RMXD with 4 Specials from 4 well known DJ’s. Every week this DJ chooses his own made favourite mix for the first hour and in the second hour you will hear mixes that his heroes made.
Tonight the choices of Phil Mixcoast from France !

1st Hour; 4 of Phil’s own made favo mixes;
– A littlebit of funk
– Madonna & Friends part 1 & 2
– Evelyne Champagne King vs Michael Jackson
& Party Floorfillers part 1 & 2
2nd Hour; mixes from Phil’s heroes;
Dakeyne (UK) – Yazoo – Re-Situated
Steve Anderson (UK) – The Paradise Club
James Anthony (USA) – Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle Edit mix
Sanny X (GR) – Billy Ocean Megamix
Dakeyne (UK) – New Order – Blue Monday Re-Ordered
The Mixmasters (UK) – Relax The Megamix
Enjoy, as always…..RMXD!
For Mixfreaks, By Mixfreaks!
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