Breaking news… Today was officialy announced by his very close friend Roberto Brisco and on behalf of the family that Anfrando Maiola aka KOTO died yesterdag at the age of 69. The next days we will remember him and Cundari also in our shows. He will be missed….. RIP

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  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – May 28, 2023.
    random order
    -Victor Ark – Nightdreams (2023)
    -Etat Limite – L’Italie (Flemming Dalum Remix) (2023)
    -Amarcord – Robotiko Rejecto (2023)
    -Linda Jo Rizzo – Forever (2023)
    *** Linda Jo Rizzo – Skype Call ***
    -Linda Jo Rizzo – I Love Fashion (2023)
    -Linda Jo Rizzo & Ken Laszlo – A Different Kind Of Magic
    -Let’s Groove Up That Hill (Apk Mix) (2023)
    -Howard Jones – New Song
    -Koto – Tribute Mix/Video (2023) by Roberto Brisca;
    -Koto – Japanese War Game
    -Koto – Jabdah
    -Koto – Dragon’s Legend
    -Koto – Visitors
    -Hypnosis – Pulstar
    -L.I.F.E. – You’re All Played Out
    -Macho – Roll
    -Echo Image – Walk My Mind (Remix)
    -Tobias Bernstrup – Moments Lost (Remix)
    -Tina Turner – Steamy Windows
    Savino Deejay – Millenium
    Chinese theatre – Loveable
    Mr Chips – No more
    D Connection – Easy to stay
    Ian Ossia – Living in a disco