De ‘Stad Super 4’ Live op locatie

8pm CET – Stad super 4 live show On tour!
Herman van Velzen, Eddy Mi Ami, Gwen & Menno !
Every now and then, as an experiment, the broadcast is on a different location. Tonight the broadcast is in the town called Rijswijk where will go live from the house of …. Eddy Mi Ami!. You all know Eddy as a producer from big Italo hits and i Venti Records, let’s have a peak inside his own home. Come and see! RSDH on tour!

Zo af en toe is de dinsdag avond live vanaf een X locatie. Begonnen als een experiment voor het eerst bij onze goede vriend Han thuis. Hierna zijn er al uitzendingen geweest bij Menno, Gwen, Savino en Daan (zie foto links).
Vanavond zijn wij in… Rijswijk! In het huis van Eddy Mi Ami! De producer van vele i Venti hits. Dus…Bepakt en bezakt met draden, snoeren, laptops en camera’s richting… Rijswijk.

Every tuesday a radio show (completely in Dutch) hosted by the co-founder of Radio Stad on FM in the 80s and also co-founder of Radio Stad on the internet that started in the year 2002. This DJ has worked for well known radiostations, is a voice over and now back on his roots. His name…. Herman van Velzen! The show is called ‘Wine, records & chat’.
Herman will play pure Radio Stad pop and disco classics from late 70s and 80s. Also lots of digitized audio fragments from the Radio Stad past! Enjoy