Stad Classics Live by Marco Di Luna

8pm CET- Live the ‘Stad Classics’ show hosted by Marco Di Luna this wednesday!

Andre is on a well deserved vacation so tonight Marc Di Luna takes his place.

Di Luna has a very special guest tonight, when you are from the 80s and you were a mix freak then you should know him and…you will hear a special mix by this mystery guest.

Expect great classics from his own vinyl collection, his own music discovery’s & productions and rom Amsterdam a new dark track by Aroy Dee…

Watch it here and join our chat!

And released this week, on vinyl, Di Luna’s latest new production ‘Manna Machine’ on Random Vinyl label, now available via Bordello a Parigi and Credible Music BV

1 thought on “Stad Classics Live by Marco Di Luna

  1. Playlist Stad Classics Live – July 27, 2022.
    -Klapto – Queen Of The Night (1984)
    -Space – Carry On Turn Me On (Bottin Remix) (2009)
    -M&G – Boogie Tonight (1986)
    -Vitalicofficial – Haute Definition (2022)
    -Cool Jack – Just Come (Tom Hooker) (1992)
    -Niels Van Gogh – Pulvertum (E. Smax/Gold Remix-2007)
    -Marco Di Luna – Manna Machine (2022)
    -David Jackson – 1999 (2021)
    -Soul Show Mix – Doorstarters (Bob Mix)(1986)
    -Marco Di Luna – The Visitors (Re-visited) (2022)
    -Aroy Dee & Spaventi – Sorrow (2022)
    -B.W.H. – Stop (1983)
    -Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Da Lukas Remix) (2022)
    -Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon (1984)
    -Alexander Robotnick – The Hidden Game (2022)
    -Vhyce – Ordinary Thoughts (AFFKT Remix) (2022)
    -Kebekelektrik- War Dance (1977)
    -Scritti Politti – Absolute (1984)
    -Captain Mustache – Everything (2021)
    -Koto – Chinese Revenge (1982)
    -B. Blase – Shame (1984)
    -Auto.Flower & BRK – Interface (2021)
    -Matia Bazar – Ti Sento (Instrumental) (1986)
    -Samoa Park – Tubular Affair (1983)
    -Marco Di Luna – Menergy/Passion/She Has A Way
    -AFFKT – Torpedo (2020)
    -Teletronix – Armonica (2020)
    -Back From The Wave/Endrik Schroeder – Raver (2021)
    -Coeus – Horizon (2020)
    -Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Horizontal Mix) (2016)