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Saturdays on RSDH is your total mix experience. We make it your day & night out! From 4 till 11pm CET. Chat room is open, see you there!

4-7pm CET– Re-run of our friday mix-sets. In case you have missed it or, too good not to listen again;

*Marc Hartman – Het is Zomer II Balearic

*Sies Naipal – S-Mix 19

*Alex Ivens – Cafe Future Records presents Summer Mega Mix vol 5

See for all details our friday post

*There is no Dance Destination untill further notice*

9-11pm CET – RMXD. Summer Edition 2
The coming weeks we air the RMXD. summer edition introduced by Harold Zwaartman

For the coming few summer holiday weeks we will bring you the best Mixes of one hour, made by fantastic mix deejays. Perfect fit for your summer saturday nights. Enjoy the second week of the Summer Edition of RMXD.


In the first hour we go to England with DJ Tom Newton. Tom is a mix-dj for the Disco Mix Club in England since 1998, so he has a long career in making fantastic mixes for them. Harold only discovered this guy last year when he found a couple of yearmixes from Tom. They are the perfect type of mixes to listen to when driving long trips in your car. They are smooth and very tight mixed. So do enjoy the 80’s- 90’s Pop Monsterjam Vol. 3, mixed by Tom Newton


In the second hour we move on from England to Canada or actually to.. Holland because in the 80s DJ Ben Liebrand still lived in the Netherlands. In 1983 he started making the Grandmix, but tonight we go a year further. Let’s go to 1984! Because that’s what RMXD is about…….to enjoy mixes you might not have heard for years. Enjoy The Grandmix 1984 by Ben Liebrand!


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