We are very very sorry that your night, and ours aswell, was spoiled. Due to, again, internet connection failure in the studio. The problem seems to be severe. You can still listen to our stream because that signal is coming from another server. Going live in video and audio tonight was impossible. It was in and out every few seconds and minutes. In one word ‘Frustrating’. You must know that we try everything within our power to solve this, our provider is working against us and there is a lot of pressure also on the internet due to lockdown.
We had so much for you this evening, and i feel also extra sorry for the artists that we promissed to air their new releases.
Lets stay positive and let us thank YOU for your loyalty and you persistence by staying in the chat no matter what. Thanks for your patience guys! Bless you. (We didnt pre record this show, so no downloads) This monday, tuesday and Next sunday we hope for the best.