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Saturday on RSDH

739730_553821021312740_1581679795_o16:00 pm CET the re-runs of our Freaky friday mixes.. DJ JanZu, DJ Richy and DJ Seva see for deatils our previous blog.


And at 19:00pm CET the re-run of last weeks Club 80s by Will Reid! Italo disco, High NRG and Eurobeat.. See you all sunday for our live shows.


RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX

Here is your weekend starter!

He is back..from Ice cold Finland, DJ JanZu at 8pm CET

Mastermix vol.5

Then from Belgium, a new kid on the block with a mix made for RSDH by

DJ No Sleep Richy / additional synths by Guy Tallo
(Playlist you can find in the comments)


And last but never the least DJ Seva Ergrover.

He made a special mix for you and us with an exclusive track by himself and his German friend called Cyber Space.
Listen to his latest Electro Dance Mix…

(You can find his playlist in the comments of this blog)


This saturday you can listen to the re-run of these mixes… At 16:00 PM CET and at 19:00 PM CET Wil Reids Club 80s show.



RSDH Sunday Live Shows! DOWNLOADS

Are you ready in for another great day with live radio?? Every week we do our best to entertain you in Dutch and at night as much as we can in English 🙂 And where on Earth do you hear still tracks played from the good old vinyl?? Here folks..


So for the Michiel Fans… tune in at 17:00 PM CET for ‘DoucheCo’. 2 Hours all sorts of dance tracks from the 80s using the 80s chart the ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’

During dinner time a surprise mix.


And at 20:00 PM CET, 19:00 UK and 15:00 EST Time your Gang, Menno, Gwen & Michiel with the Live Request Show.
Old School, Spacesynth and New Generation Italo, with your help! Send in your request only through our ‘Song request’ button please. Join our chat and watch the show down here. We will play some new releases on Flashback records and a brand new Mirko Hirsh.
( Also live broadcasted on DizGo Radio ).

En…vanavond kun je 2 vrijkaarten winnen voor de Marathon reunie op 5 april a.s. in Luden in Den Haag

klik HIER voor de details

[cryout-button-color url=”http://www.radiostaddenhaag.com/downloads/” color=”#DD0000″ target=”_parent”]VIDEO RERUNS & MP3 DOWNLOADS[/cryout-button-color]


Saturday..Club 80s By Will Reid!

(At 16:00 pm CET we re-run our smashing friday mixes)

At 19:00 PM CET, 2PM EST and 6pm UK time another grrrrreat Club 80s show with your Scottish host Will Reid. He will play his choice of old school- and new released Italo tracks, presented in his ever lively way, so dont miss this. You can join his chat on his website


Join us this sunday for our live shows with special guest….Rob van Eijk producer from Laserdance, Area 51 and Proxyon!!


Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Here is your weekend starter..Let’s celebrate Spring with some smasher mixes from 08:00 till 22:30 PM CET.

Paolo Aldini from France with his 4th Disco Mix.


Then the Final mix in the Baldeejays series from this veteran duo; Peet Need & Dennis van der Berg.
Strictly straight up Italo hammers! Shortly released on Bordello a Parigi label.

And the finally is for Seva Ergrover with Italo Space Dance Mix


Playlist Seva Space Fly Mix 2015

1.TDHDriver – East Fly / 2.Bellatrix – Transmission / 3.T Lacy – Between The Asteroids / 4.Macrocosm – Energetic Ride
5.Rygar – Space Raiders / 6.Synthesis – Unlimited Force /7.Anosphere – Nation of Love / 8.Vanello – Puppets
9.Thomas Horke – 4th Dimension / 10.Jukke Lundqvist – Earth & Universe / 11.J.Schipper – In Cyber Space
12.Magic Studio – Light Cycle

The re-run of these 3 mixes is this saturday at 04:00 PM CET, so befor dinner.. followed by a brand new Club 80s Show by Will Reid at 19:00 PM CET