Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

*Yeah Baby!  Het is weer zondag dus weer tijd voor uren lang heerlijke muziek op deze herfstavond. “Zet je radio op Stad ” voor de beste Italo’s, mix sets en nieuwe muziek.
** We bring back the heat during autumn nights! The best live shows on a Sunday. “So sit down on your chair and think about your dance affaire”, relax and enjoy our programs today 🙂

We bring as always the best Italo’s from vinyl, charts and New Gen!5-7pm CET; Another episode of DoucheCo hosted by Michiel.. The best tracks from the classic hit chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today the list of october 25th, 1986

De hits op een rij in DoucheCo. Michiel presenteert de klassieke lijst ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’. Vandaag 25 oktober 1986

7-8pm CET Again a great mix chosen by Michiel…



8-11pm CET; The sunday night live request show party time. 

We are LIVE again with lots of great new music!

We will be playing the new ITALOVE called “Stockholm is calling” and a brand new ALEX VALENTINI called “Thunderlove” so you do not want to miss this!

Of course there is this weeks Space Synth and loads of other great music on your request.

Tonight Gwen is away for a few days so Saskia will be the “chat hostess”, Menno has to leave around 22:00h so Mark “Marco Di Luna” Lobensteijn will take his place for the rest of the show.


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Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

September 22; Here is Your weekend starter!

Every friday the best National and International Italo mix DJ’s

8-11:00 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

 Tony Renzo, our residential DJ fixes it every week. Again the latest & best Italo releases combined with classics in Back2Basics Italo. Check it out!

Next is a mix by two mistery guys from The Netherlands. DJ Baco & Saco… Listen to one hour of great classics in The Journey part 1.

The 3rd mix in this line up is a very recent minimix by the King of Cut Mr. Flemming Dalum. Its a tribute to his favourite Salta & Roma (Denmark) tracks from 2007 till 2017. Only 2 weeks ago their latest release Hokus Pokus was launched on Bordello a Parigi label…fantastic electronic sounds in a briljant mix

And last but not least, Christian Starlight Volume 2 mix (30 min)

Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie met Mark van Dale & Joey Bananas. Deephouse sounds this eve with Armand Blahowetz


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Back on Air this sunday RECORDED

Let’s Go! Join your gang today, Menno, Gwen & Michiel for the best disco, Italo & High NRG in town. Lost of Exclusives tonight.
Let us know you are listening, mail us via ‘song request’ button or join the chat.

5-7pm CET; Michiel playes the best hits from this classic chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s.
De beste platen uit de HF50 van 15 juni 1985 komen aan je voorbij deze middag in DoucheCo met Michiel.

8-11pm CET; The one and only LIVE Request show. And thanks to our connections we received 5 world exclusives/Radio exclusives & and new music this week. 

Soon to be released on Blanco Y Negro; Synergic Silence feat. Fred Ventura-Follow your instinct.

From Opilec Music (Scandinavia) Jan Demis-Preludio in the Flemming Dalum Remix. The original is from 1983 and is a real collectors item.
From the same label we received also interesting new stuff; The Italian brothers ‘Popscile’-Stellar Ascension. Very cool track.

The new Atelier Folie (Rago/Farina)-Freedom time, release june 9!
Kristian Konde contacted us with his remake of Show me love from his forthcoming album Diskopolis.
Koit Toome and Laura-Verona in the Manuel Rios remix, a bit modern talking like. and a minimix by Sies naipal of Sydney Youngblood. So…plenty to do!

The best way to end your weekend is with Radio Stad den Haag.

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Freaky Friday in the MiX & Turbulentie


Your weekend starts here! Every friday the best National and International mix DJ’s 8-11:30 pm CET

Play it loud!

Every week a fresh mix by Tony Renzo..This guy is unstoppable and deserves a big hand! Enjoy Back2Basics number 78.

Ronal Djee made a tribute mix for all the productions of Eddy Mi Ami (i Venti Records) Be surprised of how many tracks Eddy was involved with. The playlist is so huge…it cannot fit this post. But! you all know them. So listen up and celebrate Eddy Mi Ami!

Last but not least Mr. Flemming Dalum gave us his last Treasures of Italo Disco vol. 4. Only 2 weeks old and allready all over the globe. Feat. Filippo Bachini.. Enjoy!

11:30 pm till 2:30 am CET Turbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale. The best mellow and deep house sounds

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Back on Air; Sunday Live shows RECORDED

Zitten jullie er weer klaar voor? het weer is in Nederland niet echt om te pruimen dus zet je radio aan, schenk wat in, je radio vriendjes zijn bij je.

Join your gang today for another great live radio day. Let us know you are listening and sent your message to us via ‘song request’ button.

5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show, je douche vol met disco, hét retro programma vol met de beste hits uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van 4 februari 1984.

Enjoy Michiel and his DoucheCo live show. The best danceable hits from 1984.

Between  7&8 a  mix by DJJW

8-11pm CET; Je bende van ellende, iedere week weer met de slapste verhalen, de lekkerste oude en nieuwe (tenenkrommende) Italos en natuurlijk jullie verzoekjes. Gooi ze maar in de song request knop bovenaan. Natuurlijk een spacesynth en een Stad Marathon minimix.

Live for your requests; Menno, Gwen and Michiel at your service. We played tracks from Dario Silver, New Order, Nathalie, Dyva, Etoile vipe, Primero and a minimix by DJ Renaldo.

Also this eve the radio exclusive of Utopia by Tobias Bersnstrup in the Flemming Dalum Remix and 2 new Spacesynth tracks from the forthcoming album Shimmering stars by marco di Luna…briljant tracks, out of this world.

…we play vinyl

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