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Peter Slaghuis live Special/HitHouse On Air 20190919 RECORDED

Vanavond weer een nieuwe editie van de radio tribute serie ‘HitHouse On Air’ gepresenteerd door Jerry Beke en Harold Zwaartman. Kosten nog moeite zijn gespaard om de show weer bom vol te krijgen. 
Het eerste uur draaien we de beste megamixen van Slaghuis….het 2e uur wordt iets bijzonders….hou je vast….een uur lang nooit eerder uitgebrachte tracks/demo’s van Peter Slaghuis ! gast; Erick van Vliet en Marcello

Every 3 months we air a special tribute show about the great mixer, producer & DJ Peter Slaghuis. He died young in a car accident on september 5th 1991. This evening the item is ‘Unreleased tracks & remixes’ by Peter. You can still download all the previous specials about Peter in our download section on top. Enjoy the show!

Extra live show thursday; Peter Slaghuis/Hithouse On Air Special; Classics & Rap/HipHop RECORDED

At 8pm CET Harold Zwaartman & Jerry Beke present
in cooperation with Radio Stad den Haag a new edition of HitHouse On Air specials.

In these special series it is all about the Dutch icon Peter Slaghuis (HitHouse) (Discobreaks, VideoKids), the mastermixer, producer, house DJ and founder of sampling. He didnt live long This evening like all previous specials we remember him. Tonights subject is his classics, rap/HipHop and.. an interview by phone with a very special person…

Extra live show thursday; Peter Slaghuis/Hithouse On Air Special; rarities RECORDED

At 8pm CET Harold Zwaartman & Jerry Beke present
in cooperation with Radio Stad den Haag a new edition of HitHouse On Air specials.

Tonight Harold & Jerry got hold of rare Peter Slaghuis (HitHouse) material, special remixes & productions like you probably never heard befor! Second hour is for your requests. Chat box is open for your comments. Don’t miss this show!!

The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows, Italoconnection Special ! 20190217 RECORDED

Back on Air! Welcome to the Sunday live shows of Radio Stad Den Haag !

Brought to you from our studio in the Netherlands
Allways the best Italo Disco, Hi-NRG & electro, LIVE from vinyl.
Cams are rolling! Chat is open so come and say hello!

17:00 CETAnother episode of DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge. And…it is his birthday today!
Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.
This weeks chart is from february 16 1985.  You can look up all these charts Here.. click in our huge database. 

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? Hij draait de beste tracks uit de Haagse Flitsende 50. Ga mee naar 16 februari 1985 ! (De lijst staat ook op onze facebook sites en onder charts hier op de website)

At 7pm CET we air a surprise mix

It was a special night again. Last saturday Italoconnection performed live in our city and the dreamteam is paying us a visit this evening, including the lovely Francesca Gastaldi, the voice of Humanize and more, allways proud to have Fred Ventura & Paolo Gozzetti in our mids! We had great interviews and even better music ofcourse from the album Metropoli. Playlist is in our comments, please re view the video (also on youtube & mixcloud) in our download section on top.

And.. Kristian Conde (hey hey Dolce Vita) handed us his new track called Future feat. TQ! In
digital stores worldwide February 22! We will give it a spin tonight

Extra live show ‘HitHouse On Air’ 3rd edition 20190110 RECORDED

This thursday the 3rd edition in the live radio series ‘HitHouse’ On Air. Tonight the DMC edition.

Harold Zwaartman & Jerry Beke will play the best remixes that Peter made for this illustrious Label (DMC).

Peter Slaghuis was a pioneer, a producer and DJ and died at the age of 30 in a car accident. (1991) He was famous for his Disco Breaks series, his samples, Jack to the sound of the underground and Woodpackers from space. But there was so much more.

Geniet van de derde editie in deze live serie, Ode aan Peter Slaghuis met Harold Zwaartman, Jerry Beke en gasten in de studio.