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The last saturday of 2022, New Years eve!

Happy New Year wishes to all our listeners! We thank you for all the friendship, support and love that we have received again this year. 40 Years Radio Stad Den Haag going towards 41. We will continue as long as we can to do what we love. So keep on listening to your station and keep on responding because that is our reward. Whatever happens, we hope that we can be that little sunshine in your live.

4pm CET – Re-run of our Friday Mix Sets;
* Tony Ioannoy – Italo vinyl mix 2
* Sies Naipal – S-Mix 21
* Alex Ivens Cafe Future Dance Weekend mix 76

8-9pm CET – All you can dance by Ingrid Elting.

Tonight you can listen to ‘The Best of 2022!’.

Every week a new fresh mix made by DJ Ingrid for the listeners of RSDH !

9-11pm CET – Italo Happy Hours.

Bar is open!
By now you will have a party, or maybe just nice and quiet on your own or with family & friends.
We take care of the music that goes with it….

Play it loud, have a drink or 2, 3 or maybe 5 because it’s Happy Hour time!

11pm/23:00 CET – Marc Hartman’s Top 100 Mega Mix 2022!
100 tracks in 1 hour, the playlist is ofcourse this years chart

It doesn’t get any fresher, just one week after our annual Top 100 broadcast, Marc made this special mix from this years chart to get you in the mood when the clock strikes 12!

The best way to end another year of friendship and love for the music we play.

Radio Stad den Haag is always near to you, wherever you are on the Globe

We wish you all, A HAPPY NEW YEAR !! CHEERS!

New Years Eve 2021 in the MiX

******Celebrate New Years eve with Radio Stad Den Haag !******

From 8pm CET till after midnight we programmed 4 Smashing party mixes for you made by National & International mix DJ’s. Counting down to the new Year!

8pm CET – We open this friday with a fabulous Classic.

Sergi Elias performed this mix live in our studio nearly 8 years ago. He mixed all 100 tracks of the RSDH Top 100 of all time of the year 2013.

He tried to recover the 80s flava according to that years tracklist. So, this mix could have been done in the 80s using reel to reel tape cut and simple sampling.

9pm CET – DJ Sies Naipal with a great S-Mix vol 18. Your Spoom for this evening….

10pm CET – DJ Alex Ivens -A triple FutureDance Mix to get you ready for 2022!
Party Time folks! 100 Minutes of pure joy!
Italo, Disco, great pop tracks and samples in a brilliant festive mix untill aprox 11:40pm
(playlists in the comments)

Here after you will hear loose tracks from Albert neve, Casco, Aleph, Breakout Crew so we can CountDown with you!…….
Get the drinks out!

And then it is after 12 o’clock CET.

00:00 CET/Midnight – Lets welcome the New Year with a new Mix DJ!
Roger Haug aka DJ R3Production is a Dutch DJ living on Bonaire….

With his Italo Grand Mix, especially made for RSDH, he keeps the New years Eve party going for you after we all wished eachother a happy new year.

100 Minutes long, playlist is in the comments!

Rerun is saturday at 4pm CET !