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Freaky Friday in the MiX; Italo & Disco from the 80s till now !

Your Weekend Starter, RSDH in the MiX !

Allways the best National and International Italo & High-NRG Deejays

here is this weeks Line-up of 30 november  2018 ! 


We start with a premiere, you heard it first on RSDH, the latest Back2Basics Italo 113 by Tony Renzo filled with great new tracks ! Check out the playlist.

Next, all the way from Finland, here  is Janne Ojala aka Janzu!

full of Classic Italo tracks. First on RSDH

And the last mix is by DJ Jan Willem Rijnbeek who also makes frequently mixes for a National radio station in Holland.

Enjoy his Italo Disco NRG House mix 6, first on RSDH.
Playlist is in the comments of this post! Great tracklist with lots of classics

Re-run of these mix sessions is saturday at 4pm CET

Freaky Friday in the MiX; Italo & Disco from the 80s till now !

  Your Weekend Starter, RSDH in the MiX !


Allways the best National and International Italo & High-NRG Deejays

20:00 till  23:00 CET

here is this weeks Line-up! 

All the best from the Netherlands this week

DJ Elroy kicks off with 80s Classics mix (The extended versions vol 1) 

Next is Mr. Pauli. Mr Who? Ingmar Pauli grew up in The Hague where the love of Italo all started for him. After he learned to mix he soon started to produce his own tracks and worked together with DJ Overdose. Tracks were released on Clone/Viewlexx and he is still rocking the Italo planet.

This mix was made in 2006 by ‘hand’ and is full of funky electro italo to open your horizon; IntheMix 2006

Last in this line-up is DJJW (Jan Willem Rijnbeek) Also a great mixer!

Enjoy his latest Italo Disco NRG House mix. Playlists is in the comments of this post!

Re-run of these mixes is this saturday at 16:00 CET !

The sunday live On Air shows

Welcome to the sunday live shows of Radio Stad!

As allways your gang is ready to rolll and so are our studio cams. Chat is open, let’s make it your night out with the best (new) music, drinks, vinyl, videoclips, requests and you!

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17:00 CET – DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.

Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.

This weeks chart is from 18th of August 1984. You can look up all these charts Here.. *click* in our huge database.

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? ga mee naar 14 augustus 1984 ….

Between 7 & 8 PM CET a surprise mix,

20:00hr CET- Where ever you are, we are here to play your requested songs.. listen and join the gang broadcasting live from the studio in The Netherlands.

This evening we have a guest deejay named Peter, Menno is still on vacation.

We will play this weeks spacesynth..from the new album of Andreas Mohr (Cyber space) called mysterious affair.

There is a new Tam Harrow project feat Tom Hooker. Also an ode to Aretha Franklin a great mash up by DJJW. And your requests, also still from last week! lets have fun tonight!


Enjoy the downloads guys!!! You can find it in our download section. You can also see the shows on you tube and we are on mixcloud!!

Next live show is monday and tuesday evening

Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

Friday ;  Its Freaky and hot  !Here is Your weekend starter!

the best National and International Italo mix DJ’s

8-11:00 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

 Tony Renzo, what can we say, our residential DJ made a hot hot hot Italoconnection special mix. Fred Ventura  and Paolo Gozetti can be proud… Listen 2hrs 15 min., only and first on your radio

Next is a mix by DJJW (Jan W. Rijnbeek) In the Netherlands famous for his mixes on National Radio.

Listen to this Samplemania 13 mix. A waterfall of pop and disco samples mixed in an awsome way. 

This is a radio primeur. Playlist is useless…just listen and discover!

Last in this line up is a mashup also by DJJW.

“Oh Sheila! Time to Jack”. Short but massive!

Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie with Mark van Dale & Joey Bananas. Deephouse sounds on your radio. And all about the world famous Amsterdam dance Event this weekend  


Back on Air; Sunday Live shows RECORDED

Zitten jullie er weer klaar voor? het weer is in Nederland niet echt om te pruimen dus zet je radio aan, schenk wat in, je radio vriendjes zijn bij je.

Join your gang today for another great live radio day. Let us know you are listening and sent your message to us via ‘song request’ button.

5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show, je douche vol met disco, hét retro programma vol met de beste hits uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van 4 februari 1984.

Enjoy Michiel and his DoucheCo live show. The best danceable hits from 1984.

Between  7&8 a  mix by DJJW

8-11pm CET; Je bende van ellende, iedere week weer met de slapste verhalen, de lekkerste oude en nieuwe (tenenkrommende) Italos en natuurlijk jullie verzoekjes. Gooi ze maar in de song request knop bovenaan. Natuurlijk een spacesynth en een Stad Marathon minimix.

Live for your requests; Menno, Gwen and Michiel at your service. We played tracks from Dario Silver, New Order, Nathalie, Dyva, Etoile vipe, Primero and a minimix by DJ Renaldo.

Also this eve the radio exclusive of Utopia by Tobias Bersnstrup in the Flemming Dalum Remix and 2 new Spacesynth tracks from the forthcoming album Shimmering stars by marco di Luna…briljant tracks, out of this world.

…we play vinyl