Tag: Buona Sera

No Club 80s show

Will Reid is having a good time with family in Poland so he will be back in two weeks.

In the mean time enjoy our fun music project. Official release is this friday of Italo Waves! Sang by Italo friends that have never sang befor! Buy the EP via Bandcamp and get an exclusive remix, not available anywhere else: https://pbhmedia.bandcamp.com/album/buona-sera

Music by Magnus Carlsson

Lyrics by Michael Paulsson, Johan Tinnert, Maja Meow, Will Reid

Produced and mixed by RetroTeque

Video edit by Niclas Blyh

Digital release: 21/8

Label: Pbhmedia, PBH 127

* The Club 80s Fabby ‘Scotchmen’: Will Reid, Paul Thomson-Bernard, John Davis, Stewart Reid, Andy Maclennan

* The Radio Stad Den Haag Dream Team: Gwen de Bats, Marcello d’Azzurro, Menno Schut, Michiel van der Brugge

* The Tangafilm Cutmaster feat The Italo Babes: Johan Tinnert, Maja Meow, Brita Huggert

* The DJ Galliano Lone Ranger: Gustaf Hermansson