Sunday live shows on RSDH! RECORDED

And back on air again this sunday.

Menno, Mark & Michiel at your service :-)’ We make it your night out’

Chat is open and live videostreaming
Schakel live in vandaag, op Radio Stad den Haag, de beste manier om je weekend af te sluiten
5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show live with Michiel. He playes the best tracks from the classic ‘ de Haagse Flitsende 50’ chart from 1987, july 11 from 1983
Click HIER om de lijst te zien.
Vandaag draait Michiel platen uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van  11 july 1987.

7-8pm CET a mix; Mellow Moods by Andre den Hartog

8-11pm CET; The Sunday night live request show.  hand in your requests now! Menno, Mark & Michael  will play them and read your shoutouts.


What an unexpected evening again. At 9pm THE founder of Radio Stad (1982) stood on our doorstep; Rob Velders. En Ja hoor daar was hij weer eens, de stichter van dit Radio station; Rob Reutel maar ook Coen Bom aka Peter van Leeuwen (o.a. ook Fresh FM) Toch wel 2 zeer prominenten figuren uit het Haagse en gelukkig onze goede vrienden. Zij hadden weer prachtige verhalen en goed gevulde glazen. Zelfs Marcello kwam hiervoor eerder naar de studio.

Lots of new music again tonight a.o. from Birizdo I Am and music from the new cd of SynthOne. A 7min mix by DJ Jonathan and Italo and Hi-NRG classics from vinyl like Luis, Solo-Harem, Video-Somebody, Brian Ice, a spacesynth of MarcelDeVan, a teaser mix by Sergi Elias(blanco y Negro) and so much more.
Zet je internet radio & tv maar aan, wij zijn er weer klaar voor vanavond, de beste muziek, de slapste verhalen en jullie verzoekjes. Enjoy the downloads in audio and Video!

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Back on Air this sunday RECORDED

Let’s Go! Join your gang today, Menno, Gwen & Michiel for the best disco, Italo & High NRG in town. Lost of Exclusives tonight.
Let us know you are listening, mail us via ‘song request’ button or join the chat.

5-7pm CET; Michiel playes the best hits from this classic chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s.
De beste platen uit de HF50 van 15 juni 1985 komen aan je voorbij deze middag in DoucheCo met Michiel.

8-11pm CET; The one and only LIVE Request show. And thanks to our connections we received 5 world exclusives/Radio exclusives & and new music this week. 

Soon to be released on Blanco Y Negro; Synergic Silence feat. Fred Ventura-Follow your instinct.

From Opilec Music (Scandinavia) Jan Demis-Preludio in the Flemming Dalum Remix. The original is from 1983 and is a real collectors item.
From the same label we received also interesting new stuff; The Italian brothers ‘Popscile’-Stellar Ascension. Very cool track.

The new Atelier Folie (Rago/Farina)-Freedom time, release june 9!
Kristian Konde contacted us with his remake of Show me love from his forthcoming album Diskopolis.
Koit Toome and Laura-Verona in the Manuel Rios remix, a bit modern talking like. and a minimix by Sies naipal of Sydney Youngblood. So…plenty to do!

The best way to end your weekend is with Radio Stad den Haag.

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Freaky Friday in the MiX

Pump up the Volume…cause your weekenstarter is here!

Every friday the best National and International Italo-Disco mix deejays, only on Radio Stad den Haag.

8pm sharp…let’s go and enjoy your weekend.

Tony Renzo starts this show with lots of classics in this brand new Back2Basics Italo mix vol. 71

Manuel Rios from Mexico is a busy guy, you heard him last week and now he is back again with this special Spacesynth Mega-mix

DJ Tedu from Spain is known by his Max-Mixes (Blanco Y Negro) and the partner of Sergi Elias in DPM (Don’t play, Mix!). This mix includes top pop dance & rock tracks from the eighties, it’s like a super rollercoaster going up and down bpm, multi mashups….It’s also a tribute to all those great artist who left us… Enjoy!

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December the 26th…Boxing day on Radio Stad den Haag

2e Kerstdag op Radio Stad staat weer bol van leuke mixen en live programma’s.

Enjoy this 2nd Christmas or Boxing day on Radio Stad with several great mixes, shows and live shows!

*******With love and X-Mas greetings from your RSDH Team!*******

**1:15 till 3:20pm CET** in the mix with;

*DJ Sergi Elias – With an edit of the mix he did live at the i Venti 30 years anniversary winterparty last saturday in Holland (Exclusive on RSDH !!)

*DJ Tony Renzo – The Savino deejay special tribute mix

**3:20 pm CET**  The re-run of the special X-Mas show from sunday eve with Menno, Gwen, Michiel, Herman and Eddy Mi Ami. (for details see our previous blog) If you want to watch this show, go to download page, click on ‘specials’ look up this show and click on video. Next Saturday the Top 100! So vote now!  (direct link to video Xmas2016 valid till 20161231)

**7 till 9pm CET** Live DoucheCo show with Michiel van der Brugge.

He is Santa this evening giving all of you great music gifts from the 80s.

You can join the chat and watch the show down here

Veel plezier deze 2e Kerstdag met 2 uur Michiel en zijn DoucheCo show! RECORDED


**9 till 11pm CET**  The i Venti d’Azzurro live show X-Mas edition with Marcello & Paolo Jay! Enjoy this show.  RECORDED

2 Hours of classics & Eurobeat from vinyl with Marcello and Italo House sounds with Paolo Jay!
**11 till midnight** King Fashion Team Mexico with a vinyl mix.

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Saturday on Radio Stad

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11uMissed anything yesterday eve?
Here we go to enjoy it again at 4pm CET..Radio Stad den Haag in the Mix for the best Italo-disco and Hi-NRG.

DJ Tony Renzo- Back2Basics 62
DJ DPM- 80s live mix from last sunday
Last hour is a surprise mix from our archives.

12071345_1070891319602530_569970624_n 7pm CET a Club 80s show from our vaults worth listening again…

Lets go back to June 2014 with Will Reid. Let him entertain you in his own Scottish way with classics and new gen music.
Chat is open

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