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Sunday Summer Live Shows ! 20190721 RECORDED

Back on air, where we belong. Live from our studio in the Netherlands. The best way to end your weekend. Let’s spin some new music & old school dance tracks . Cams are rolling and chatbox is open!

17-19h CET; DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He will play the best tracks from the classic hit chart once broadcasted on RSDH. This weeks chart is from July 21st , 1984. If you want to see all these charts? Click HERE

Zit je er weer klaar voor? Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze uit de enige echte Haagse Flitsende 50 van weleer. Deze week de lijst van 21 juli 1984!

Between 19-20hr a surprise mix

20-23hr CET… Menno is back so the gang is complete again and ready to take your requests! We gladly give them a spin, Italo, High NRG & electro or even a video.
Click HERE to submit your track.
After the show the playlist will be in the comments and all is in our download section

It’s still vacation time here in Holland, and it will get hotter and hotter, also in the studio, so we will have our drinks on the rocks ready in our radio-cafe playing the best music from vinyl for you! Eddy Mi Ami is coming tonight bringing the latest new i Venti records!

Tonight we will play 2 tracks from the new album of the Australian artist Peter Wilson (here on the photo with matt Pop); Light in the dark & Change of heart (prod by Italoconnection) Album is ready and for sale on september the 6th.
And thanks to Kimmo from Flashback records we will have the exclusive of a reissue of a 80s rare vinyl Yvonne Koomen- How did you come into my life. Taken from unreleased mastertape and restored! Then also Vogon Poetry from Sweden

Sunday Night LIVE Shows with special guest Peter Wilson RECORDED

Back where we belong, live on sunday with the best programs, music, entertainment, vinyl, drinks and friends.
Join your gang folks. cams are rolling and the chatbox is open …. here we go!

17:00 CET – It’s DoucheCo time with Michiel. he plays the best tracks and our listeners choice from the classic chart ‘De Haagse Flitsende 50’. This week the 9th of August  1986.

All the HF50 charts can be seen HERE in our archive



between 19:00 & 20:00 a mix by Joop ‘The Wingman’ !

20:00 CET – The Sunday night live (request) Show with very special guest. The New Gen. Artist from Australia…..
Peter Wilson! Let’s welcome the man who has worked a.o. as writer/producer for Carol Jiani, Amanda Lear, Nicky French, Haywoode, Sabrina and more. Of whom the Associates of Stock Aitken and Waterman co-wrote his album Stereo. And great artists like Italoconnection and Mirko Hirsch produced or remixed his music. The Dutch mixer/producer and his friend Matt Pop worked a lot for Peter and will be with us tonight.

Matt Pop

So lets play the music that inspired him, ofcourse lots of his productions over the years  and tracks from the latest album “Passion and the

Flames” that was released last month. Download is now available inon top in the download section. also in video! Worth watching because we had a super evening and so much fun with Peter, his agent and Matt Pop!

Sunday Summer live shows & live mix set on RSDH! RECORDED

Back on air !

Lots of news, exclusives, an interview with the New. Gen Italo artist Peter Wilson and chance of winning a cd!

Chat is open and live videostreaming
Wij Zijn er weer, live voor jou vandaag, de bete Italo’s van vinyl, je verzoekjes, nieuwe muziek en een interview vanavond

5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show live with Michiel. He playes the best tracks from the classic ‘ de Haagse Flitsende 50’ chart from 1984, this week july 28
Click HIERRR om de lijst te zien.
Vandaag draait Michiel de lekkerste tracks uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van  28 july 1984.

Between 7-8pm CET- LIVE MIX SET with DJ Renaldo & DJ Wingman !

Download it now!

8-11pm CET; The Sunday night live Summer request show.  Join the party! 

Whats on! Today a live interview by phone with the Australian New Gen Star Peter Wilson. Marco di Luna will talk to him. . Also this eve a spacesynth lecture, the new Tom Hooker-River of my past, Ian Coleen-heart like a drum, an exclusive coming out on Bordello a Parigi-Model Man Kamchatka from the album Riviera Disco vol 8. and more music like Savage, Klein & MBO, Rofo, Malcom & the bad girls, Topo & Roby, Atelier Folie, Heaven 17 and so on!

Wij hebben weer zat leuks voor je vanavond! Classics van vinyl, maar ook mooie picture discs gekregen van Blanco Y Negro. Nieuwe releases een interview en Marco achter de draaitafels, Menno is kramperen. 

And…Thanks to Sergi Elias from Blanco Y Negro music Thomas Kelman from Germany won  this great compilation cd I Love Disco Summer, 24 summer Italo classics. Buy it now for you to enjoy.

Back on Air this sunday RECORDED

Let’s Go! Join your gang today, Menno, Gwen & Michiel for the best disco, Italo & High NRG in town. Lost of Exclusives tonight.
Let us know you are listening, mail us via ‘song request’ button or join the chat.

5-7pm CET; Michiel playes the best hits from this classic chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s.
De beste platen uit de HF50 van 15 juni 1985 komen aan je voorbij deze middag in DoucheCo met Michiel.

8-11pm CET; The one and only LIVE Request show. Help us to complete this show by sending in your best and rare tracks and we will play them for you. And you did! In this show tracks from Alan Ross, Eddy Huntington, Backes Max, Digital Emotion, Space Quake, Special Touch but also again the amazing new blanco Y Negro track Andermay-En Azul, Etoli Vipe in Mirko Hirsch remix, the new Tom Garrow and he was with us again this eve Marco Di luna and his production of Peter Wilson. Next sunday a world exclusive.. So tune in!

The best way to end your weekend is with Radio Stad den Haag.


Missed this sunday? It was again a very special edition, watch this program back..its worth it.
Wat een leuke speciale show was dit weer kijk het dus terug.

5pm CET- DoucheCo show.

Michiel plays the best tracks from our classic hit chart from the 80s; De Haagse Flitsende 50.

7 till 8pm CET-Live in the house…DJ Wingman & Renaldo with one hour live in the mix! (recorded)

8-11pm CET Special edition of the Request show. This evening Marco di Luna launches officially his new and now complete album ‘Shimmering stars’. It started all 7 month ago on RSDH and tonight we have a proud man in our mids who also celebrates his birthday tonight with you.

The studio was packed with guests like spacesynth producer Chris van Buren and the master of spacesynth Michiel van der Kuy! We played a minimix made of this album by Ronald Djee, a world exclusive of the remix Marco made from Peter Wilsons track ‘Just wanna turn back time’ that will be released in july. (Peter Wilson will visit us all the way from Australia in july aswell.)
DJ Tony Renzo replaced Menno and he brought his vinyl. We all had so much fun and hope you will have it too listening back.

If you want to buy this cd go to Marlo Productions on facebook. It is only 15 Euro’s ! Or send a mail to us in case you dont have facebook.