DoucheCo & Request Show on Sunday DOWNLOADS

It’s sunday folks, a lazy afternoon, you cook some, you drink some, you lay back and we are here for you.

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n 5 till 7pm CET DoucheCo Show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.
Back to the danceable 80s and club classics.

Time to reminisce with the Dutch legendary chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’ today 1983

Between 7 and 8pm a surprise mix.


sunday (00000) 8 till 11 pm CET..The live request show. Tell us what you would like to hear, drop a note or track and we will play  and announce it on the air. The gang is not complete, Gwen is on a short trip so Menno and Michiel, with a little help of Corina, are at your service. Menno got hold of a primeur by Mirko Hirsch aka Dario Silver with Down and Out and there was more of Mirko. Ofcourse a spacesynt track, genuine disco, High NRG, eurobeat and classic and new Italo disco from vinyl..enjoy this great show!



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Live-on-Air1Welcome listeners from all over the globe ,thanks for tuning in. Join us today for Live radio.

10687188_10152284227376326_1576859952005005867_n5 till 7 pm CET: DoucheCo show with Michiel van der Brugge.

He takes you back to the danceble 80s with Funk, soul, disco and Italo. Download of this show Now available!

And ofcourse he uses the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’

Between 7 and 8 a surprise mix.


sunday (00000)8 till 11 PM CET The one and only Request show! Menno feels better so he is back with us this sunday evening, the Gang is complete.

The Show was packed with new releases by i Venti- records from vinyl, new songs by Mirko Hirsch, New Order and Tam Harrow. And your requests like Fred Ventura, Cruel Game, Danny Keith, Betty Wright, Hugh Bullen,Hazell Dean and a spacesynth track, also Marcello joined the show, so lots to enjoy from your Gang! Downloads are thanks to Ewald. Have fun with our downloads, also video.




All the new i Venti record releases are ready to order.


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Sunday live shows Special DOWNLOADS

*Join us this last sunday of the month for a full live programming!*

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n 4pm CET : DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge..old school dance hits and the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’.

This sunday the chart from november 14, 1987.received_883347788400265

6 till 8pm CET : Live mix session with
DJ Wingman and DJ Renaldo, Italo and Disco.

12036758_897031070332060_7701572800560919867_n 8 till 11pm CET : The live request show.
We have some primeur for you this evening. The new album of Mirko Hirsch! And we play it first, the Matt Pop mix of video night in a duet with Trans X and Power of desire, the title track of his new cd.

Then exclusively received from Australia on Mothball records a remix by Flemming Dalum of a very rare Italo from the 80’s ; Giusy Dej-Walking in the night. Monsterhit!

And…they finally arrived, fresh and shiny vinyl, the last 2 releases I.D. Limited i Venti Records.  The EP Disco Planet 1 and Sly & Hunter-No more vision. Furtermore your requested songs like the SOS Band, Italoconnection, Sabrina, Brian Ice, London Boys, Hipnosis, Yazoo, My mine and much more. In the mean time our good friend Peter cooked us dinner and we had guest dj’s like Frans Meijs, Harry Mulder and our new RSDH Member Maurice hayes. Menno was ill and phoned in to tell the story around the Mirko Hirsch cd. Enjoy all the videos and audio.

12inch_3mm_v92012.indd     12095044_1198360420190937_8187047891975744342_o     R-7618484-1445267443-6263.jpeg


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The sunday Live shows DOWNLOADS


5PM CET its time for DoucheCo with Michiel. Lots of 80s dance tracks with the help of hit chart “Haagse Flitsende 50” of september 13  1986 (download)

Between 7 and 8 a surprise mix.

Between 8 and 11 your gang presenting the LIVE Request show with old school and New Gen. Italo and your requested songs from vinyl. Watch the show in the rerun. Also this evening the world premiere of the new Italove in the Matt Pop and the Mirko Hirsch version. We played tracks like Tommy-One Night, Blu i Boy-Ecstasy, Motion-Dont Stop, Grecos-Living in the sky, Alba -Only music survives, Stage, talor Jaye and many many more. Get your download now….

sunday (00000)12009767_10153575519958431_6033040738387134962_n


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Sunday Live shows & Party Time! DOWNLOADS

We go live at 5pm CEST with ‘DoucheCo’ , Michiel takes you back to the danceable 80s.

During dinner time a surprise mix.

And at 8pm CEST The live request show. Menno is away this weekend so Jos will take his place. The show is a bit shorter then usual because this evening we all attend the i Venti-Records Release party with live on stage Albert One. The videoclip for his new track Face to Face will be shot this evening.

In our live show we present from vinyl all the new releases on i Venti-Records! First on RSDH. Volorei!, Sensation, Albert One and the summerhit of 2015 by ROFO!! Mail us by clicking on ‘song request’ . Gwen and Michiel at your service!


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