Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

Friday ;  Its Freaky and hot  !Here is Your weekend starter!

the best National and International Italo mix DJ’s

8-11:00 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

 Tony Renzo, what can we say, our residential DJ made a hot hot hot Italoconnection special mix. Fred Ventura  and Paolo Gozetti can be proud… Listen 2hrs 15 min., only and first on your radio

Next is a mix by DJJW (Jan W. Rijnbeek) In the Netherlands famous for his mixes on National Radio.

Listen to this Samplemania 13 mix. A waterfall of pop and disco samples mixed in an awsome way. 

This is a radio primeur. Playlist is useless…just listen and discover!

Last in this line up is a mashup also by DJJW.

“Oh Sheila! Time to Jack”. Short but massive!

Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie with Mark van Dale & Joey Bananas. Deephouse sounds on your radio. And all about the world famous Amsterdam dance Event this weekend  


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The Sunday Live shows! RECORDED

Wij hebben er weer zin in op deze 1ste van de nieuwe maand. Een leuke zondag live radio vanuit ons studio cafe.
Kom erbij, chat en kijk mee.

We are ready to roll.. Join the gang when we go live this 1st sunday of the new month
We play Italo classics and new music.
The wheels of steel are ready to spin your requested tracks and our choice of music.

5pm CET DoucheCo with your host Michiel.
Listen to the best tracks from the classic 80s hitchart once broadcasted on RSDH; de Haagse Flitsende 50, today october 10, 1987


Ga er maar weer lekker voor zitten Michiel draait weer de beste platen uit onze eigen klassieke hitlijst. Vandaag 10 oktober 1987 Klik HIERRR voor  de lijst



LIVE MIX SET! DJ Renaldo in da house. Give him a big hand! (recorded)
 7 till 8pm CET. 

And then its 8 o’çlock! Your gang is ready for some fun , 3 hours live for all of you out there. Your hosts Mark, Gwen & Michiel
Great music again  this eve, Mark has been digging in his vinyl collection again and we played your requests. Expect music from Marc Fruttero-Dance my life away (Flashback), Knights-Alligator in Italoconnection remix, Disco Discipline, Macchina Nera, Transvolta, Andermay-En Azul, David Lyme, Digital emotion, Peter Wilson anxiety in Danger O mix by Marco di luna and sooooooo much more! Enjoy the download.
We make it your night out in our radio cafe! So pour in those drinks…

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RSDH Sunday Live Show 20170813 RECORDED

The summer is magic! Tune in for our live shows starting 5pm CET. The best way to end your weekend.

Wij sluiten het weekend zoals altijd met je af. De beste Italo’s, High NRG, Nieuwe muziek en slappe verhalen. Kom erbij!

5pm CET- DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He plays the best tracks from the classic hit chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today August 26, 1982.

De beste platen uit de legendarische ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ chart hoor je in DoucheCo met Michiel. Klik HIEROO om de lijst van vandaag te zien. Vandaag 26 augustus 1982.

Between 7 & 8pm CET- A Groove me 2 mix by Gijs Fieret.

8 till 11pm CET- The sunday night live request show. Menno and Gwen are both away having fun somewhere in Germany so we have two special hosts tonight: Mark Lobensteijn aka Marco Di Luna and Saskia Visser! Join us for a drink. We will make it your night out. What was on this eve: We played loads of good music like Beloved, SOS band, Bartez, Neon Disco, Bobby O, Howard Jones, Claudia T, Kraftwerk a.o.. Also the video primeur of Carino Cat and Andermay, a classic space synth and Marco brought in again a special item on a special track which he found on the web……. Enjoy the download!

Wij hebben er zin in. Lekker plaatjes draaien, drankje erbij, en jij natuurlijk met al je suggesties waarvoor dank weer!

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Sunday live shows on RSDH! RECORDED

And back on air again this sunday.

Menno, Mark & Michiel at your service :-)’ We make it your night out’

Chat is open and live videostreaming
Schakel live in vandaag, op Radio Stad den Haag, de beste manier om je weekend af te sluiten
5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show live with Michiel. He playes the best tracks from the classic ‘ de Haagse Flitsende 50’ chart from 1987, july 11 from 1983
Click HIER om de lijst te zien.
Vandaag draait Michiel platen uit de Haagse Flitsende 50 van  11 july 1987.

7-8pm CET a mix; Mellow Moods by Andre den Hartog

8-11pm CET; The Sunday night live request show.  hand in your requests now! Menno, Mark & Michael  will play them and read your shoutouts.


What an unexpected evening again. At 9pm THE founder of Radio Stad (1982) stood on our doorstep; Rob Velders. En Ja hoor daar was hij weer eens, de stichter van dit Radio station; Rob Reutel maar ook Coen Bom aka Peter van Leeuwen (o.a. ook Fresh FM) Toch wel 2 zeer prominenten figuren uit het Haagse en gelukkig onze goede vrienden. Zij hadden weer prachtige verhalen en goed gevulde glazen. Zelfs Marcello kwam hiervoor eerder naar de studio.

Lots of new music again tonight a.o. from Birizdo I Am and music from the new cd of SynthOne. A 7min mix by DJ Jonathan and Italo and Hi-NRG classics from vinyl like Luis, Solo-Harem, Video-Somebody, Brian Ice, a spacesynth of MarcelDeVan, a teaser mix by Sergi Elias(blanco y Negro) and so much more.
Zet je internet radio & tv maar aan, wij zijn er weer klaar voor vanavond, de beste muziek, de slapste verhalen en jullie verzoekjes. Enjoy the downloads in audio and Video!

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The Radio Stad Sunday Live shows! RECORDED

Back on Air this sunday, the best way to end your weekend!

5-7pm CET; Michiel playes the best hits from the classic chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today june 24 1982. Click HERE to see this ancient chart

De beste platen uit de zeer antieke lijst, de Haagse  50,  van 24 juni 1982 komen aan je voorbij deze middag in DoucheCo met Michiel.

Between 7&8 a  Live mix session with DJ Renaldo & the Wingman (Joop)

8-11pm CET; The one and only LIVE Request show Lots of new music tonight! Vanello, Steve Burbon, Gary Low, music from the new cd retro Futurism on Analog language, Digital Romance on Bordello a Parigi and all of your requests like Rofo, one two three, Volerei, Dr. Morbius, Sisley Ferre, Fanny Forest, Carol Jiani, Max Thor, Fancy, Hurts and so much more. Guests in the studio and lots of fun, drinks and smalltalk. We play the best classics from vinyl!   We make it your night out. En vanavond hadden wij als gast Hans Dols! Hans bouwde vroeger de bakken, klom in masten, was onmisbaar en heeft na Stad gewerkt voor Veronica en Radio 538, ook niet de minste dus en had prachtige verhalen.


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