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Sunday is DoucheCo, Live mix set & The Sunday Night Request Show RECORDED

And back! where we belong… Hoppa, it’s Sunday!
Live from the RSDH Studio in The Netherlands.
Cams are on & chat is open.

Om 5 uur – Michiel van der Brugge presenteert DoucheCo. Deze week platen uit de “Haagse Flitsende 50′ van 21 juni 1986!

5-7pm CET – DoucheCo show Live. In this show your host Michiel is using the classic charts called
‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ that was once broadcasted every Saturday on RSDH.
Today the chart of June the 21st, 1986. All these charts can be looked up HERE

19:00 CET- A live mix-set with VINYL only by DJ Johan Van der Velde! He used to be a former non stopper on RSDH back in the roaring 80s. And he still has the skills ladies and gentelmen!

20:00 CET – Your gang is allways in the mood for a night out playing vinyl from the home collection. But why not join us in our Radio cafe? Hand in your favourite record, and we will happily play it for you. Let’s share the music we love. Click on ‘Song Request’ on top of this page.  Also a mash-up made by Marc Hartman, the new Change and this eve’s spacesynth and no firsts for once, exept You!




Download this show in audio & Video… also on mixcloud and playlist is in the comments, Enjoy!


The lucky Top 100 winners of 2017

Staat jouw naam erbij? Gefeliciteerd! Als dank voor het inzenden van je top 10 hebben wij ieder uur tijdens de Top 100 willekeurig namen getrokken. Binnen een week ontvang je mail. Daarna kan het even duren voor dat jij je prijs in bezit hebt. Onze grote dank gaat uit naar alle sponsoren die de prijzen ter beschikking hebben gesteld. Wat je krijgt bepalen wij haha, verrassing dus ;-). Nogmaals dank en op naar de 14e editie in December dit jaar.

And here are the lucky winners!! As a thank for your submitted Top 10’s that made the 13th edition of the RSDH Italo Top 100 possible, we selected random names during the show in our prize draw. Thanks to all our sponsors.for their donations. So..Congratulations! Soon you will receive a mail. Please be patience for this can take a while befor everything is packed and shipped. Thanks again and we are allready looking forward to the 14th edition in December this year!


Rene van den Brom-Nieuw Beijerland
Andre André Bruijstens-Den Haag
Martin Holleman-Peize
Danny de Jong-Den Haag
Eric Veer-Hellevoetsluis
Hans van Houten-Den Haag
Bas Lobert-Haarlem
Daniel Dan Baciu-Bucharest Romania
Marco Blaze Amsterdam-Amsterdam
Marlon van Delden-Leidschendam
Bas Simons-Nijmegen
Kenny Davidson-Edmonton Canada
Carsten Schneider-Magdenburg Germany
Steven Noe-Tervuren Belgium
Patrick den Patrick Den Hollander-Zevenaar
Kimmo Hiltunen-Espoo Finland
Anton Beek-Den Haag
Colette Ini-Colette Beemer-Utrecht
Iris Kellmann-Bad Salzulfen Germany
Michel Figueira-Arthes France
Rober Robèr Scheffer-Den Haag
Peter Waij-Harderwijk
James Nicholson-Oxford UK
Duco Kruijtzer-Amstelveen
Ton de Jonge-Rijswijk
Ricardo Vitters-Den Haag
Kalju Vatter-Poltsamaa Estonia
Ilona-Den Haag
Mary-Mary-ann Eichhorn Kalisvaart-Den Haag
Jose Marie Aguilera-Barbastro Spain
Leon van Oeffel-Rijswijk
Marco Donkers-Den Haag
Rene-Den Haag
Jacco van der Zalm-Naaldwijk
Wolter Waanders-Deventer

Met dank aan Afspreken .nl die voor de verzend kosten van de prijzen betaalt.


Looking back at the Top 100 2017… Terugblik!

Het was weer een daverend succes, de 13e jaargang van de enige echte Italo/High NRG Top 100, dankzij jou! Wij hopen dat je genoten hebt, wij des te meer. Daar de meeste Nederlanders wel Engels kunnen lezen maar andersom niet gaan wij even verder, in het Engels dus…

…And we can conclude… ITS GETTING BETTER AND BIGGER EVERY YEAR! We all are still full of it, this 13t edition whas again a succes. So many submitted their top 10’s, so many great and also famous dj’s & artists, guests and friends in the studio, so many many watched the show live all over the world for nearly 12 hours, so many chatters and loads of great messages and compliments. It makes it all worth while for us, the crew, and makes us also proud. A Top 100 is a lot of work in preperation but the result of a day like that is what counts. It leaves us with a fantastic satisfying feeling. Thank you all!

Every hour we picked winners, as a thanks for your submissions. Within a week these winners will receive mail. A deep thanks to our sponsors this year who provided us great items to give away.

Prizes that might come your way if you have been picked out;

*External harddisks from Vitasys
*CD’s from i Venti, Zyx Music and Blanco y Negro music
*Picture discs from Blanco Y Negro and New Gen vinyl from Flashback records
*T Shirts from Blanco Y Negro and Radio Stad
*RSDH Mousemats / stickers
*For people in Holland also (Local gifts) ; Kado kaarten twv 20 euro van BCC
*Diner bonnen van Tout Le Monde in Pijnacker
*Persoonlijk gesneden unieke vinyl met dank aan Lex van de vinyl room
*Marlo Productions (Marco di Luna) for donating Shimmering stars cd

But also thanks and a big hand to the companies and friends that made this day possible in any way;
*Prolocation, our head sponsor for serving and hosting RSDH (Raymond)
*Eddy Mi Ami for bringing all 100 vinyl from his own collection and giving us the world premieres of the 3 new releases on i Venti Wish Key, Aleph and Chromo Band.
* (Michel van Dop) so you can watch our shows
* who will pay all the shipping costs for your prizes (Rob den Breejen)
*Maurizio Giovane for donating uncountable cans of beer
*Bakkerij Lentz Rijswijk voor alle oliebollen en heerlijke flappen ieder jaar (Peter van Aken & Kimberly)
*Furthermore Corina and her husband Marco for giving all of us and all our guests the best bbq and salads, without we would have starved during those 13 hours of brodcasting.
*Daan who helped us out with studio lights, for free. And all who helped promoting on facebook with promo films etc etc.

Will Reid heated up this show with the best New Gen of 2017  and it was also his last show…. Enjoy his download on Mixcloud

-The whole Top 100 live show, 12 hours in 3 parts is available for download in audio & Video on top of the website. Also on Mixcloud thanks to Rick!

The whole chart kan be seen under charts also on top of this page.

And there was more…. New years eve we were live from 8pm till 3 at night! We entered 2018 with all of you all over the world, special feeling. What a homy new years eve party we had together with you. Your crew was still alive, we ate the left-overs from the top 100, played bubbling unders and party music and drank champagne. Playlist is in the comments of that post thanks to Rick again.

And if it wasnt enough, The first of january Marcello and Paolo Jay had a 3 hour new years i Venti show with only the best Italo classics.

All members & participants of Radio Stad den Haag wish you all the best for 2018!! CHEERS from Ewald Groen, Menno,  Michiel van der Brugge, Gwen, Marco di luna, Tony Renzo,Coen Bom, Mark van Dale, Maurice, Andre den Hartog, Marcello, Paolo Jay,  Edwin Velders, Hans Dols, Lex van Coeverden, Ron Steusfij, Eddy mi Ami, Herman, Will Reid, Jaap de Zoete, Joop the Wingman, Renaldo, Richard de Boer and more. 



Last day of the year… Special live shows! 31-12-17 RECORDED

Join us live again on this last day of the year. Hopefully in a normal state after the Top 100 Let us thank all our listeners for being so loyal this year and the past years and we do it with pleasuren without making any profits. A lot has changed the past years, stream was updated, more hosted programs, new crew members and even better sound quality and that shows… more listeners and fans. Grrreat! Stay tuned in 2018.

Genoten van de Top 100? Wellicht zijn wij brak maar we zijn er gewoon weer vandaag. Wij zijn heel blij met jou als onze luisteraar. Hou je radio dus aan, ook in 2018. Wij gaan doorrrrr en blijven, net zoals het afgelopen jaar, verbeteren. Maak er zelf wat moois van en met onze muziek dichtbij komt dat zeker goed. Vandaag luiden wij dit jaar met jou uit! Dus ga er maar weer voor zitten, schenk wat in, hap wat en geniet!

5pm CET- DoucheCo  hosted by Michiel. He uses an old chart broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH and plays the best tracks. Chat is open, cams rolling.

During the crews dinner (jummy leftovers from the Top 100 party) we will play a mix.

8pm-3am CET- The sunday New Years Eve Party with your gang.

Many many tracks didnt make it into this years Top 100 despite your votes. We think that is a waist so we will play many of them, we have that list of bubbling unders. We also know who voted what, so maybe you will hear your name and your number one. How great is that. Together we will end this year. Cheers!!


20:00 uur..Vanavond draaien wij platen die de Top 100 niet haalde. En dat zijn er uiteraard nogal wat. Dus met lekkere muziek, vrienden in de studio, happen en bubbels gaan wij richting de klok van 12 vanavond, samen met jou! Na 12 uur gingen wij nog uren door met de leukste muziek. Gelukkig nieuwjaar!!

Enjoy the download in audio and video of this show that lasted 7 hours!!! (Also on mixcloud)