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Friday in the mix, an extra Live show called ‘DJ 50-Plus Club ‘ & Pompenburg with Mark van Dale

This Friday evening only one mix due to an extra live show which starts at 9pm CET.
20:00 CET. Make way for the one and only Tony Renzo. Enjoy this radio exclusive of Back2Basics Italo 108.  First on your radio. We rerun this mix next Sunday between 7-8pm CET

21:00 CET an extra live show with some DJ veterans of Radio Stad & radio City from the late 70s and 80s, they reunite twice a year

Zij komen nog uit de tijd van de zendschepen, van illegale radio. Rebellen met snorren en warme stemmen. Uit een tijd ook dat je nog niet wist hoe de dj er uit zag. De echte mannen van de radio. . Deze mannen zijn nu allemaal ver in de 50. Een paar keer per jaar komen ze samen.  De 50 plus borrel verplaatst zich dan naar onze studio. Samen hebben deze ‘Flitsende’ 50-ers hun eigen lijst met favorieten disco classics samengesteld. Geniet samen met de oud Radio Stad en Radio City dj’s van een avond met heerlijke muziek, veel singeltjes en platen. Natuurlijk de nodige slappe verhalen, bitterballen en drank ! Met niemand minder dan … Ron Mc Donald, Andre Spaans, Walter vermeer, Lex van de Broek, Rene de Graaf, Michel Woudstra, Tony Gyzel (marathon), Peter Heijgen, Herman van Velzen, Hans Dols en wie weet nog veel meer mannetjes van de radio.

DJ Ron van Rijn 1981
DJ Ron van Rijn 1981

This friday evening an extra live show at 9pm CET. Twice a year we have a radio reunion with former Radio Stad & Radio City dj’s from the late 70s & 80s. The men that started all this a long time ago, when they still had there hair and mustaches and are now way in their 50s. So join them while they are spinning their old school favourites from vinyl. Ofcourse lots of drinks, snacks and fun among the boys. This show will be mostly in Dutch but you can still enjoy the music.

Na de live show schakelen we over naar Marc van Dale en zijn Pompenburg mix show. / After the live show you can enjoy DJ Mark van Dale.


Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Pompenburg Mix Show


Your weekend starts here… Radio Stad den Haag in the MIX. 

Allways the best National and International Italo, Hi NRG & house Deejays ! 

20:00 pm CET untill midnight. Check out the line-up!

What a joy… Tony Renzo (NL) did it again. In the B2B series here is nr 104. First on RSDH!

 Every month we receive the exclusive new monthly mix from DJ Manuel Rios (Mex) filled with the latest. You heard it first on RSDH.



Third in line up is a mix by DJ Patrick Camphens. He started to mix in 1984 with vinyl so he goes a long way back, enjoy his mixing skills.


@ 23:30 cet; Pompenburg mix show.

A new mix every friday by DJ Mark van Dale aka Pompenburg.

One hour party house  with the best classics, trance, deephouse & techno! 

Saturday more great shows for you so stay tuned


Extra live show; Mexico visiting Holland! (Freaky Friday mix special) RECORDED also video

Aprox 20:00hrs pm CET LIVE. A group of friends who call themselves King Fashion Team Mexico and being fanatic mix dj’s, vinyl collectors and pure Italo disco lovers are doing a European tour this january. (Every monday evening you can hear their mix after the i Venti show)

They have just landed and these guys are paying a visit first to our studio. Santiago, Rogelio & Alexis had some wishes; artists and dj friends that they would like to meet. Thats why we do this extra broadcast. We did as much as we could, some artists  like John Sauli and Eddy Mi Ami, unfortunatly couldnt make it. But we still have some great friends for them to meet and greet .

Some they have never met befor like the Dutch singer Claudi T (Fatal Destination, Stars on 45 etc).  This evening Rogelio will do a live mix. We will have interviews with them but also talk to Claudia T & Michiel van der Kuy. And Eddy Mi Ami will be on the phone. Also on their wish list and present Paolo Jay & Marcello, DJ Peet Need,  Savino DJ, Ron Steusfij, jeroen Mooijman, Marco di Luna and more friends. It was a great evening!! Here are some pics!

4 Cams are rolling and the chat is open as allways. We will play lots of Dutch disco, High NRG productions this evening and a 30 min mix by King fashion Team!

From left to right; Santiago, Rogelio & Paolo Jay. Claudia T. Claudia T & Michiel vd Kuy. Rogelio & santiago. Guests!.

11pm CET; Mark van Dale in the Mix classic house!


Freaky Friday in the mix pre X Mas

8 till 11pm CET..Radio Stad in the MiX!

Rerun saturday at 4pm CET.

The shortest day is behind us, the holidays ahead of us. Time to be at home and enjoy the best music and programs on your radio. We start the Christmas holidays with great mix sets…. Play it loud and enjoy!

En op deze dag herdenken wij Ger de Goede, de voormalige Stad DJ van het eerste uur, hij overleed 5 jaar geleden…. 

Make waaaay for Mr. Patrick den Hollander, aka DJ Holly.. Enjoy his Italo mix vol 39! Playlist in our comments

Second in line up is a New generation mix made by DJ Elroy Heesbeen.

And the saga continues… Baco & Saco, a new series of fantastic mixes. In the mix 1… just listen

11pm till 2am CET Turbulentie hosted by DJ Mark van Dale and Joey Bananas. The best deephouse sounds.

Stay tuned all the next coming days. We have great shows programmed for you this Christmas. 


Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

Let the weekend begin with RSDH in the MiX.

the best National and International Italo mix DJ’s

8-11:00 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

 DJ Chez kicks off this weekend. Every month first on RSDH; Italo all the way vol 52… ofcourse made with love for new and classic Italo disco.

Second in line-up a mix made by Rene Mensing aka DJ Modor. He specializes in spacesynth and electronic disco (hotsound) and combines it with the latest. Enjoy this new Italo Gen master mix.

The last mix in this Line-up is by Patrick den Hollander aka DJ Holly. Italo disco to the max. Here is Italo disco dreamer vol 38

Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie with Mark van Dale & Joey Bananas. Deephouse sounds in the mix on your radio.