Disco Dance Department Re-Run

Tonight at 8:00 PM CET the RE-RUN of  last week’s live show of Disco Dance Department with André den Hartog and Marco Di Luna. They will get you moving again with the best music ever. It’s all about the rhythm so put on your dancing shoes and get on the floor.

Some of the artists that will attend tonight’s party: Rick James, The Whispers, Dan Hartman, Jamiroquai, Ultra Nate and Deee Lite!

Join André and Marco for a movin’ and groovin’ edition of Disco Dance Department.

Doors open at 8:00 PM CET. Don’t miss it!

Disco Dance Department on Spotify.



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I Venti d’Azzurro Live 20180115 RECORDED

8pm CET; Michiel van der Brugge heats you up live for….

9pm CET;  Live from the RSDH studio, 100% pure Italo classics played from vinyl and the Dance made in Italy with Marcello d’Azzurro and Paolo Jay !

Chat is open so come and join us!

First broadcasted in 1986 on Radio Stad Den Haag and now back on your radio…

At 11pm CET- A one hour Italo vinyl mix made by the King Fashion Team from Mexico. The 19th they will be in our studio and we have an extra live show.

The show will be ready for download next Sunday!

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The RSDH Sunday live shows ! RECORDED in audio and video

Back on air this sunday. Let’s have some fun on your radio and  join your gang today Live.

Fijn! Het is weer zondag, tijd voor wat gekkigheid op je radio maar ook gewoon goeie programma’s en nieuwe muziek vanavond.

Om 5 uur kun je live genieten van het programma DoucheCo met Michiel van der Brugge. Hij draait 2 uur lang platen uit de klassieke hit lijst de “Haagse Flitsende 50” 8 januari 1983 week 2.

Cams are rolling en chat is open.

5pm CET... DoucheCo show Live.
All these classic charts can be looked at HERE

7-8pm CET- A mix by DJ Sies

8pm CET… Gaan wij weer los! Gwen is naar Berlijn geweest voor het Italo disco Legacy evenement dus zal met sappige verhalen komen. Menno is er en Giel ook. Vanavond mooie radio premieres!

Are you ready for your night out with us? The  gang will play your requested songs but we have more….

The radio Exclusive of the new Dyva and a track by Jaber DJ, both handed to us by Flashback Records and were released last friday. Also this evening a great Flemming Dalum remix of Neon Disco by Italoconnection from the album Humanize, soon to be released on Bordello a Parigi. And some stories and video exclusives of the Italo Disco Legacy documentary that had its premiere last thursday in Berlin. Downloads also video now available or go to mixcloud. Playlist is in our comments!

We make it your night out! Join our chat…

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Saturday’s programming is an Out of control Timemachine on RSDH

In the afternoon at 16h CET you can enjoy the rerun of
our friday mix sets;

* At 16h cet we start with a great Italo mix by DJ CHEZ a.k.a Jaap de Zoete
* Followed by the exlusive “You heard it first and only @ RSDH!” mix by DJ Manuel Rios Herrera!!
* Third is a Back to The Eighties Megamix by DJ BPM

20h CET : 

Th Re-Run of last weeks Out Of Control Radio show hosted by Tony Renzo with tracks from The Ring, Blackbox, The Concept, Thelma Houston, Lakeside, a Poussez Minimix by Tony Renzo, a minimix by DJ Sies Naipal and more great soul,funk,disco-tunes and dancegrooves from the 80s.
Put on your dancing shoes!

22h CET; DJ Peter van leeuwen’s (Coen Bom) Time Machine, in the first hour loads of club classics!


And do join us tomorrow for yet another live show starting at 5pm with DoucheCo and at 8pm The request show. For the best classic and new music in town! with  Michiel, Gwen  and Mark…. 

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Freaky Friday in the MiX Italo & Pompenburg Mix Show


It’s Time for yet another Freaky Friday! Let the weekend begin with RSDH in the MiX 4 hours.

20h-midnight  CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 16h CET)

 At 20h cet we start with a great Italo mix by DJ CHEZ a.k.a Jaap de Zoete!










Followed by the exlusive “You heard it first and only @ RSDH!” mix by DJ MANUEL RIOS!!

And last but not least a Back to The Eighties Megamix by DJ BPM










@ 23h cet; Pompenburg mix show.

A new mix every friday by DJ Mark van Dale aka Pompenburg.

One hour party house  with the best classics, trance, deephouse & techno! 





Saturday at 4pm cet the rerun. Saturday evening a re-run Tony Renzo show followed by DJ Peter van Leeuwen.

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