I Venti d’Azzurro 20160926 RECORDING

iventi-banner-2016-final8pm CET from the Radio Stad Den Haag Studio, Michiel!
He warms you up for….live
the i Venti d’Azzurro live show at 21:00 to 23:00 CET with Marcello and Paolo Jay.
First broadcasted in 1986 on Radio Stad Den Haag and now back on your radio…
Listen to Marcello’s choice of old school Italo disco and Paolo’s choice of pure Dance made in Italy and only from vinyl.


The show will be ready for download on coming Sunday!

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Sunday Live Shows Extra! RECORDINGS

live Every whole sunday, just for you! Watch us with live videostreaming thanks to Videostreams  and feel free to join our chat.
Its central European time and we start at 5pm. never ever a dull moment!

All these shows will be recorded.
doucheco5 till 7pm CET; DoucheCo show Live with Michiel.

He takes you back to the danceable 80s and plays tracks from the classic 80s chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’
20140928_195300live-mix-session-286x140 Between 7 & 8pm CET a LIVE MIX SESSION with the Wingman and Renaldo.

8pm CET; And again a very Special edition of the Sunday night live request show with Menno, Gwen & Michiel.
Expect not to many requests because we had a really special request from one guy; Maurizio Giovane. He ‘bought’  over one hour of our time for his 15 records. Expect music from Fockewulf, Venuto, Dario del Aere, Ram band, Gazebo and more. Then we have a world primeur! On vinyl. Sent to us from Switserland from Stephan Moser from the Juno Gang.thumbnail_20160921_155540..great baselines and synths. Furthermore a world Video premier; The new Italove/TQ track; I need your love, shot by Ian Nguyen so you have to watch the show in the rerun! We also had guests and the Stad Marathon mini mix at 22:30. Get those downloads folks.


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Saturday; Club 80s & US DanceTracks !

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u 4 till 7pm CET; Radio Stad in the MiX
DJ Tony Renzo-back2Basics Classixx vol 7
DJ Marc Hartman- Italo Classixx APK Mix
…Surprise mix from our archives…
Playlists and details see our previous blog
12743805_10209367651855070_3120679736567014611_n 7pm CET; Its the last saturday of the month..Get ready for the only chart for the newly made;
The Italo & High NRG new generation Top 40.
Will Reid tells you around 10 pm who the number one is for this month. Will it be ItaLove? Or maybe Italoconnection or the new Savage??
You have voted and chosen your 5 favourites, Thanks! Also in this show the new six-mix.

Join our chat  but you can also join the chat with Will here www.c80s.co.uk
USDT banner_19pm CET; US DanceTracks. Tonight we have a re-run of US DanceTracks . Tune in to hear the best new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk, freestyle, funk and RnB.  Just like every Saturday Maurice Hayes will play your favorite records. Tonight you can listen to: Pamela Stanley, Teddy Pendergrass, Warp 9, Miquel Brown, Tamrock & E.Q., Kool Moe Dee, Run D.M.C. and lots more. Also appearing in the show tonight: a great mix by DJ André, the Graveyard of the Grooves and some danceable US Dance Classics picked by Marcel Stewart.

Make sure you tune in to Radio Stad Den Haag for the best US ’80’s tunes. Tonight at 9PM CET:  two hours of sheer pleasure in US DanceTracks.


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Freaky Friday in the MiX!

freak friday Here is your weekendstarter!
3 Hours in the mix on Radio Stad den Haag with a rerun on saturday afternoon at 4pm CET.

Last hour is a surpise mix from our archives…

May we call him our residential mix dj? I think we can. Every week another smasher to start up your weekend. This week in the Classixx series back2basics vol.7

Marc Hartman was in de 80s bekend als DJ Micro Mania en heeft een groot aantal remixen op zijn naam staan o.a. van Koto. Later werd hij bekend als remixer in het programma van DJ Sven, eerst bij Veronica en nu bij Radio 10 waar je zijn APK mixen kunt horen. Deze Italo summer classixx APK mix was afgelopen zaterdag te horen op Radio 10 en dat is nogal uniek, een uur lang Italo op nationale radio. En nu dus met zijn goedkeuring op jouw Radio Stad. En het is een klapperrr.


Marc Hartman is a National mixer. His mixes can be heard on a very populair radio station in the Netherlands. This mix was on air last saturday and that is rare..one hour Italo on National radio. Sow we are very proud that he gave his okay to air it on Radio stad. Enjoy this Summer Classixx APK mix by Marc!


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US DanceTracks 20161001 RECORDING

US Dance Tracks_6008:30pm CET; This evening Us Dancetracks is recorded, we give you a chance to see how that works in US DanceTracks. This show is broadcasted on saturday october 1st. Feel free to use the chatbox and let us know your requests, suggestions and remarks. Your host Maurice Hayes will play your favorite US ’80’ tunes starting at 8:30 PM CET on Radio Stad Den Haag.

Maurice playes the best Funk, Freestyle, Hip Hop, RnB, Electrofunk and New Jack Swing 80s from the USA only. Marcel Stewart will play you the best dance classics and we have a great mix by DJ Andre.

Again..The actual broadcast is on saturday eve 1st of october.


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