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13:00 CET Live! The Top 100 of all time 2018 ! Edition 14 (30-12-2018)

ARE YOU READY ?? Cams are rolling and chat is open!
(at 12pm CET we start with a mix by Eric Benjamin)

We all waited for this and your gang have been working hard behind the scenes (special thanks to Ewald & Jos). You all massively responded! Thanks so much for making this 14th edition of the annual RSDH Top 100 happen again. Without you, your votes, your support and friends of Radio Stad  who helped us in any way, it would be impossible to make it the best chart ever for Italo disco & High NRG and we can say, still unique in the world. So.. sit back, make sure your fridge is filled, grap a good chair, dimm the lights and enjoy this whole day together with us and lots of guests and guest deejays. Every hour we will draw 2 names out of all the submissions, the last hour 4 winners. So if you voted, you might win one of those great prizes thanks to our sponsors.
We are ready for it, let the countdown begin!

Monday the 31st new years eve we start at 19:00 CET with 7 hours in the mix!

Last call to vote for the RSDH Top 100 of 2018

Voting closes this friday at 23:59 CET! It only takes a few minutes guys. Help us to complete the best chart ever and sent in your top 10 from the 80s till now. The 14th edition of the RSDH Top 100 of all time. Please Click the link on top.

And thanks to your submission you might win one of those 23 fantastic prizes thanks to our sponsors. In the picture a selection of this years prizes but there is more like you own cut vinyl or a Asus ZenPhone 4 Selfie!! So do it now 🙂

RSDH Top 100 voting 2018

Only 10 days to vote guys. Help us to make it the best chart ever. For 14 years now we are the leading chart in the world for Italo Disco & High NRG from the 80s till now. We know it is a hard task to choose the 10 best, ones that need to be in this chart because they are epic, classic, innovative or remind you of the best time of your live. As a thanks for your submission we might draw you as a prize winner during the live show on sunday the 30th. Thanks to our sponsors! And this year 2 first prizes.. An Asus ZenFone 4 Selfi and a weekend arrangement. How cool is that.
So click on the link on top. If you want to see all the Top 100s from 2005 untill 2017 click here and you could do a strategic vote. Thanks to you all and we are looking forward to the results!

All 100 will be played from vinyl. Will Reid will starts at 11AM CET with 2 hours of the best New Gen from 2018. At 1pm CET we start the Top 100 of 2018 untill midnight.

Live mix set Ian Nguyen is cancelled

Sorry guys, this thursday evening 8-11-18 there is no live mix set from LA by Ian Nguyen, he has other obligations today. Enjoy our 24/7 stream and tomorrow we treat you again with fantastic mixes at 8pm CET!

And do not forget… november 18 you can start to vote for our annual Top 100 of all time. Make a list allready now, think of your all time best High NRG Italo tracks that you think earn a place in the Top 100. Its the 14th edition, 14 years we are the leading chart for the music we love. And we are proud of that! So do your best and make your list now.