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Sunday live shows and Discontinu Downloads!

Join the crew today for a great day of live audio and visual entertainement.

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n4 till 6pm CET…

DoucheCo show, Michiel plays those danceable 80s tracks with the help of the classic chart
“de Haagse Flitsende 50” from dec.17th 1981 . The chat is open, and video online.

received_88334778840026512234998_893330544068656_8761463900362457538_n6 till 8pm CET… Discontinu with the one and only DJ Joop & Renaldo, get ready for a two hours long super cool live mix session.

Download audio and video available.

In the mean time a good friend was cooking us all snacks…
barsunday (00000)8 till 11 pm CET The request show with your Gang and friends in the studio.

We played on Flashback records the new Victor Ark track but also a very special  spacesynth, the new video made by Ian Nguyen with TQ and Linda Jo Rizzo and the newest Kristian Conde in duet with the same Linda Jo Rizzo. Also music by  Stefano Pulga, Cyber people, Divine, Hot-Cold and so much more from vinyl. Enjoy the downloads. ( Dont forget to fill in your Top 10 for our annual Top 100)

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Sunday live shows & Live mix session!

livePrepare your selfs for a great day full of live Radio!

5pm CEST  one hour ‘DoucheCo’ with Michiel van der Brugge!

6pm CEST 2 hours Live MIX Session in Discontinu with the Wingman (Joop) and Renaldo..
The roof is on fire folks!20140928_195300

11701099_1083495208345316_2851751768632276392_n8pm CEST The Live Request show. We playéd your requests from last week that we didnt get to play. Guest Deejays tonight are Harold Zwaardman en Serge. They are both excellent dj’s and mixers and we had great fun, a bit messy this show but what else is new. We play vinyl! RSDH for the best Italo and High Energy!
Downloads are now available!

RSDH Sunday live Programming. DOWNLOADS

(Our download page has been perfected, thanks to Ewald Groen, to make it even more easy for you, on google drive he made an audio database and also some old RSDH advertisements have been added.)



17:00pm CEST: Michiel with ‘DoucheCo’ Back to clubbing in the 80s with the help of the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50
18:00pm CEST: 2 Hours live mix session with DJ Joop & Renaldo! Italo High NRG, Electro and house in da MIX.
20:00pm CEST: The gang, Menno, Gwen and Michiel with the Request show. We played mostly from vinyl. Tracks by Divine, Martinelli, Savage, Chic, Amin Peck and many more of your requests. Enjoy the downloads

Vanavond kun je weer entree kaartjes winnen voor de release-party op 24 mei met Albert One ism i Venti records in het Teejater in Naaldwijk!

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Sunday Live shows &RP-Team in the MiX DOWNLOADS

Vooral de oud luisteraars van Radio Stad zullen het leuk vinden om te horen dat Herman van Velzen vanavond 2 uur lang Menno zijn plek inneemt achter de draaitafels gevolgd door een laatste uur met Hugo Hoogmoed van Moerdijk FM.


Join Michiel and Gwen this sunday for Live Radio on the net.

At 05:00 PM CET Michiel with DoucheCo, funk, soul and disco tunes.

At 06:00 PM CET A live mix session in our studio by DJ Joop & DJ Renaldo, 2 hours long Italo and Disco.


And at 08:00 PM CET its time for the live Request show.

This evening not with Menno, we had Herman as guest deejay. Herman was involved with Radio Stad since 1980 till 2012. Also as a guest dj Hugo Hoogmoed. They brought their choice of vinyl…and what a good choice it was! We also took care of your requests, the remaining we will play next week. Enjoy this extra long show!!

This show was also broadcasted on DizGo Radio FM.

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Sunday Live Programming!! DOWNLOADS

Get ready for whole lot of music to download….

At 17:00pm cet Michiel with one hour of ‘DoucheCo’

18:00 till 20:00pm CET DJ Renaldo & Joop in a live mix session! Have a look at their tracklists, we have put them in our comments of this post.


At 20:00pm CEt it is time for the weekly dosis of entertainment and your requested songs with Menno, Gwen & Michiel.
And we had a guest this night, his name is Chris and he ownes a rare collection of vinyl. So rare and expensive that sometimes he even weares cloves when he picks up the vinyl!! And what an awesome night we had with his choice of vinyl!
Check it out in the download…tracks you rarely hear.
We also this played a re-release on Italian records by N.O.I.A. and a new Kristian Conde. Thanks for all your comments and requests 🙂

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