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Sunday Live Shows ! 20190428 RECORDED

Welcome dear friends from all over the globe!
Back on air!. Live from our studio in the Netherlands. The best way to end your weekend. Let’s spin some old school dance tracks. Cams are rolling and chatbox is open!

17-19h CET; DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He will play the best tracks from the classic hit chart once broadcasted on RSDH. This weeks chart is from april 16 1983. If you want to see all these charts? Click HERE

Zit je er weer klaar voor? Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze uit de enige echte Haagse Flitsende 50 van weleer. Deze week de lijst van 1 april 1983!

Between 19-20hr a live mix-set by The Wingman (Joop van Wingen, Global dance Chart) and his buddies Renaldo & Marco. Allways spectaculair!

20-23hr CET… Your request show with Menno, Gwen & Michiel & guest!
Loads of new music today, so we are full of energy. Lets make it your night out!
Click HERE to submit your track.
After the show the playlist will be in the comments and all is in our download section

Also this evening thanks to our connections new reissues & remixes on the famous High Fashion music label like Azoto, Advance & valerie Allington. Then a primeur from a new label called Giorgio Records Mad Work-A night alone in the Flemming Dalum remix. And a first, will be released tomorrow on Flashback Records a fantastic Italo track by Tanner. Also.. all over the net, the new video of Madonna…too sexy, or too much?

Sunday live shows EXTRA – RECORDINGS

live-on-airWhat a terrible job we have… (unpaid that is so feel allways free to do a donation to support us)

trying to make the best radio with the best shows to entertain you, you and you. It gives a smile on our faces to give you presents 🙂 So are you ready??
11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n4 till 7pm CET-Live DOUCHECO show with Michiel and the classic chart de Haagse Flitsende 50 from the 80s

logo-brancoreceived_883347788400265 7 till 8pm CET- The monthly LIVE MIX SESSION. Back to back DJ Renaldo and The Wingman blasting your speakers away. What a great mix hour it was and its recorded
tumblr_my2vu3Kd811req0feo1_12808 till 11pm CET-Pump up the volume with the SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE request show.
Sooo many cool, new, yet unreleased and currently released new tracks tonight! An unreleased track by Grant Miller from the 80s and the story behind it by G.M., The new remake of a Savage track on Flashback records and the story behind it, a new Vanello, the new Dario Silver produced by Mirko Hirsch, a new Kristian Conde feat. Victoria and the new track by Italove A and B side. Also a spacesynth and the item ‘Savino’s original’ where did an Italo track originaly came from…… Enjoy the recording


13581977_1345178215495740_5638423654402313396_o dario 13563699_1621496164831247_675573985_n
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Weather Report

Here some tracks to ‘warm you up’ winter has come in Europe and the US…so cuddle up, drink hot wine and enjoy the ever entertaining old videoclips. Why not try some 80’s dance moves like in the video.

Poolwinden om het huis, NY zogenaamd onder gesneeuwd en lawine gevaar in de Alpen..Vroeger! Toen hadden we pas winters. Hier een paar oudbollige videos om je op te warmen.

And ofcourse…Madigan – Ice cold love maar daar was geen leuke video van.