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US DanceTracks Live 20170504 RECORDED

8:30 PM CET
: Live! Prepare yourself for a special edition of US DanceTracks with your host for this evening… Tony Renzo !
Tony is known by his great Back2Basics mixes and his Out Of Control shows on Radio Stad Den Haag.
He wil entertain you while
Maurice Hayes
  and André den Hartog are (separately) on vacation.

US DanceTracks, your favorite US 80’s show live on Radio Stad Den Haag.

Tune in to your favorite battle station for the best new jack swing, electrofunk, hip hop, funk, RnB and freestyle beats.

The item ‘Best of 3’ this evening  Let us know your choice in the chat! Here they are;

Artist is Lillo Thomas with 1. settle down 2. sexy girl or 3. your love got a hold on me

So join us in the chat, watch or listen to tonight’s edition of US DanceTracks.  Spread the word! US DanceTracks LIVE: only on Radio Stad Den Haag. All tracks in this show will be played from vinyl.

US DanceTracks 20161001 RECORDING

US Dance Tracks_6008:30pm CET; This evening Us Dancetracks is recorded, we give you a chance to see how that works in US DanceTracks. This show is broadcasted on saturday october 1st. Feel free to use the chatbox and let us know your requests, suggestions and remarks. Your host Maurice Hayes will play your favorite US ’80’ tunes starting at 8:30 PM CET on Radio Stad Den Haag.

Maurice playes the best Funk, Freestyle, Hip Hop, RnB, Electrofunk and New Jack Swing 80s from the USA only. Marcel Stewart will play you the best dance classics and we have a great mix by DJ Andre.

Again..The actual broadcast is on saturday eve 1st of october.

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Saturday; Club 80s & US Dance Tracks show

mix-sound-and-deejays1 4pm CET you can listen to 2 hours of the best mixes.
Today DJ Tony Renzo- back2Basics Italo 47 (playlist in our previous blog)
and DJ Chez- Italo All the way 40 (playlist in our previous blog)
12071345_1070891319602530_569970624_n7 till 9pm CET;
Every other saturday you can enjoy an ‘Goldie Oldie’ chosen by Will Reid.

This evening a Club 80s show presented by Will from january 2015.
Enjoy his choice of classic and new gen Italo music.
US Dance Tracks_6009pm CET; US DanceTracks. Tonight we have a re-run of US DanceTracks starting at 9:00 PM CET. Tune in to hear the best new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk, freestyle, funk and RnB.  Just like every Saturday Marcel Stewart and Maurice Hayes will play your favorite US 80’s Tunes. Tonight you can listen to: Eric B. & Rakim, George Benson, Laissez Faire, Company B, Sweet Sensation, NWA,  The Jacksons and lots more. Also appearing in the show tonight: a great mix, the Graveyard of the Grooves and some danceable US DanceClassics.

Make sure you tune in to Radio Stad Den Haag for the best US ’80’s tunes. Tonight at 9PM CET:  two hours of sheer pleasure in US DanceTracks.


Saturday on Radio Stad den Haag

RSDHCover vol.38Back2Basics Italo Mix 40 Tony Renzo 4 till 6pm CET we re-run our friday mixes, worth listening again to DJ Tony Renzo and
DJ Chez!

12963524_10209888018303906_7348996324831214036_nFrom 7 till 10pm CET a 2 hour mix; Club 80s PWL Party Megamix 2 Mixed by DJ Pioneerlad!

Club 80s this week presents a 2 hour non stop mix featuring the best of PWL from the 80s. With tracks from Divine, Hazell Dean, Mel & Kim, Hazell Dean, Dead or Alive, Bananarama, Sinitta, Laura Branigan……and many many more, it’s a feast of 80s Nrg. Courtesy of C80s resident, DJ Pioneerlad, it’s one not to be missed!
PWL = Pete Waterman Limited also known as Stock Aitken & Waterman (SAW) – You’ll know them all! bar
USDT banner9pm CET; US DanceTracks in the re-run from last week. In case you have missed it or want to listen again to  your favorite US 80’s tunes.

You can enjoy The Strikers, Roni Griffith, Brenda K. Starr, Cheri and lots more. Marcel Stewart and Maurice Hayes will play some of the best new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk, freestyle, funk and RnB. As always we have a smashing mix by DJ André, the Graveyard of the Grooves and some extra-fine US DanceClassics.

As every week at 9PM CET on Radio Stad Den Haag: US DanceTracks. Enjoy!

Saturday; Club 80s & US Dancetracks

mixDont you just love saturdays on Radio Stad den Haag…

First at 4pm CET we go in the mix.

-DJ Tony Renzo with Back2Basics vol. 37
-DJ Manuel Rios Herrera with Marzo Mix
(For details see our previous blog on friday)

11304256_10207380229250747_40398477_n 7pm CET a new fresh Club 80s show with your Scottish host Will Reid.

This evening he will play lots of the 8 Zyx CD series because nr 9 is coming up.. Join his chat at or our chat here.

USDT-300x237 9 till 11pm CET we rerun last saturdays US Dance Tracks show with
Maurice Hayes.

A great show worth listening again with all the best from the USA. Electro-funk, soul, disco, R&B, hip hop and more fantastic tracks that makes you wanna move.