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Sunday live shows…back on Air! RECORDED

Radio Stad is here for you today and the whole day with  great programs. Chat is open and live videostreaming, so join you happy radio gang…

5-7pm CET; DoucheCo show with Michiel. 2 Hours of the best classic hits from the 80s.

Michiel playes tracks from the chart that was broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. You can find this chart HERE 24 january 1987.

7 till 8pm CET LIVE Deejay mix! (recorded)

Have a look at our 2 great friends when they mix for you the best 80s and 90s disco, Leave a message in our chat for DJ Renaldo and The Wingman (Joop) who is now also on National Radio with his mixing skills!

8 till 11pm CET; Menno, Gwen & Michiel spin your requested songs from vinyl.  Music from Antilles, Vanello, Rofo, Tom Hooker, Koto, Stefano Pulga but also this weeks spacesynth by Anton Eriksson, the remix by Italoconnection of Aleph’s Fly to mee. And a taste of the limited new album on Discomodernism label from Italoconnection instrumentals thanks to Fred Ventura.

Sunday live shows EXTRA – RECORDINGS

live-on-airWhat a terrible job we have… (unpaid that is so feel allways free to do a donation to support us)

trying to make the best radio with the best shows to entertain you, you and you. It gives a smile on our faces to give you presents 🙂 So are you ready??
11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n4 till 7pm CET-Live DOUCHECO show with Michiel and the classic chart de Haagse Flitsende 50 from the 80s

logo-brancoreceived_883347788400265 7 till 8pm CET- The monthly LIVE MIX SESSION. Back to back DJ Renaldo and The Wingman blasting your speakers away. What a great mix hour it was and its recorded
tumblr_my2vu3Kd811req0feo1_12808 till 11pm CET-Pump up the volume with the SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE request show.
Sooo many cool, new, yet unreleased and currently released new tracks tonight! An unreleased track by Grant Miller from the 80s and the story behind it by G.M., The new remake of a Savage track on Flashback records and the story behind it, a new Vanello, the new Dario Silver produced by Mirko Hirsch, a new Kristian Conde feat. Victoria and the new track by Italove A and B side. Also a spacesynth and the item ‘Savino’s original’ where did an Italo track originaly came from…… Enjoy the recording


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Radio Stad Den Haag Sunday Live shows&mix session! RECORDINGS

listen-_live Enjoy the sound of LIVE internet Radio, every sunday only on your Italo station.
The best way to end your weekend.
flitsende50top1 5 till 7pm CET; DoucheCo show with Michiel van der Brugge. 2 Hours of the best 80s disco and Italo taken from the classic chart broadcasted in the 80s on Radio Stad, de ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ Click HERE to see the chart.
live-mix-session-286x140 7 till 8pm CET; Live in the Mix with DJ Renaldo and DJ Wingman both national mixers. Today a set with catchy 90s tracks.received_883347788400265
RequestSong-Button-Buzz28 till 11pm CET; The one and only Request show since 2002. Today behind the wheels of steel Jos and Ron. And they brought some old time classic vinyl like Los Angeles TF, Marce, Ventura and Tapps. We played your requests so you can listen to Joe yellow, Gazebo, Swan, Kermesse and more. Also this evening a hilarious videoclip of Tam Harrow, a new track called Hard Ton-Triple XL on Bordello a Parigi label, a spacesynth track by Michiel van der Kuy and a track that a listener made called Litle Italian man, hs name is Christian Shadlock. Enjoy!

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Sunday live shows & Live mix session DOWNLOADS

Make way for the last sunday of the month full of extra good stuff!

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n 995834_489042611164120_651096010_n4 till 6pm CET Live DoucheCo show with Michiel van der Brugge.

Back to the danceable 80s and the classic chart ‘De Haagse Flitsende 50’ of march 1 1986. (download available)

6 till 8pm CET DJ Wingman (Joop) LIVE in the MIX in Discontinu. 

enjoy his smashing mix skills (live video) Every last sunday of the month! (download available)bar sunday (00000) received_883347788400265


8 till 11pm The Request show.
The gang is complete again, Menno, Gwen and Michiel take your requested songs and shoutouts. We played music from from Mirko Hirsch, Dave Rogers, Sphinx, Blancmanche,Miko Mission, Divine sounds, Trans-X a.o.
And we had a World PRIMEUR this evening thanks to Patrick from ZYX records..NEA with Dorian Gray produced by Tony Costa. Release is on the 4th of march. Also a new production on Bordello a Parigi label and all the information on the i Venti party in Milan..enjoy the downloads.

12769406_1138561549487768_721511248_n    12472382_1668688400069722_5264416248227807967_n

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Sunday: DoucheCo, Live mix session & Request show DOWNLOADS

Last sunday of the month on RSDH means Extra!On-Air (2)
Tune in from 4 till 11pm CET, 10am till 5pm EST LIVE.

4pm: DoucheCo Show, 2 hours with Michiel and his choice from the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’ from the 80’s. Download available (DC)

6 till 8pm CET: Discontinu A live mix session in our studio with DJ Renaldo and DJ Wingman. Once a month these guys do a cool live performance for you. Download available (DISC)received_883347788400265
RequestSong-Button-Buzz2 8 till 11pm CET: The Request show.…Menno left earlier so Eddy Mi Ami took his place and played his choice of vinyl this evening..and it was a great choice! Last week we had the primeur of Malcolm and the bad boys & Clock on 5 on Flashback records and tonight we played the other new releases; Magic System.  Tracks that you’ll also hear in this show; Martinelli, Kermesse-Mrs Moon, Some Bizar, Max Him, Orlando Johnson, Mirko Hirsch, spacesynth, new Gen Italo and much more. Om 22:00 hr belde wij live met Ben Manuputty, hij organiseert een groot evenement; Tribute aan de Marathon, deze wordt nl officeel gesloopt en Ben liet er geen gras over groeien en heeft een groot spectakel uit de grond gestampt….hoor bij ons het interview. Download available (SSL)164751_original_218434

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