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Saturday; Club 80s New Gen Top 40 Chart

4 till 7pm CET; Enjoy the best mixes every saturday afternoon on
Radio Stad den Haag.

-DJ Tony Renzo-The Classixx 12
-DJ Ab-Stad mix
-Surprise mix from our data base

Playlist in our previous blog

7pm CET (6pm UK Time)
The New Gen Italo/Hi-NRG Top 40 with your host Will Reid.

Its the end of the month and you have voted, what will the new number one be this month?
Will Reid runs down your Club 80s New Generation ItaloNrg Chart! With music from Italove, Linda Jo Rizzo, Steve Burbon, Savage, George Aaron and more, plus new entries from listeners like Richard De Boer, John Scott-John Andy, Kimmo Salo, Kevin Neil & Desmond Tutu..curious? Then listen tonight. it’s the place to be for your NG Fix!
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