Freewheel- & I Venti d’Azzurro Live show 20201207

The video will start at 18:45 hr. Please refresh round this time.

7-9pm CET – Freewheel show. In 2 hours Michiel will play anything, from new wave to Disco and all in between.

21:00 CET till 23:00 – The one and only i Venti d’Azzurro live show!

21:00h CET. The i Venti d’Azzurro live show! Marcello will take you on a true Italo trip for a few hours playing his finest pieces of vinyl and telling you the best inside stories about the artists, labels and producers. So stay here with us and enjoy this show with Pizza & beer.
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And it is that time of the year again. While you are here you might be inspired by the music. So vote now! Submit your 10 best ever and help us to complete this 16th edition of our annual Top 100 of all time for Italo, disco, High NRG & electro! Thank you all! To vote click on the poster. or on top of the website.

i Venti shows will be ready within 24 hours. On Youtube and Mixcloud. Just click on download section on top to see it all.