Freewheel- & I Venti d’Azzurro Live show

The video will start at 18:50 hr. Please refresh round this time.

7-9pm CET – Freewheel show. In 2 hours Michiel will play anything, from new wave to Disco and all in between.

21:00 CET – The one and only i Venti d’Azzurro live show!

Tonight we have a guest DJ. Marcello has work obligations so Marcel van der Harst is taking his place. Marcel has mega Italo know how so lots of great stories again.

21:00h CET. The i Venti d’Azzurro live show! Tonight Marcel and Michiel will play tracks from a classic i Venti chart from 1986.
So stay here with us and enjoy this show with Pizza & beer.
chat is open.

i Venti shows will be ready within 24 hours. On Youtube and Mixcloud. Just click on download section on top to see it all.