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Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

*Yeah Baby!  Het is weer zondag dus weer tijd voor uren lang heerlijke muziek op deze herfstavond. “Zet je radio op Stad ” voor de beste Italo’s, mix sets en nieuwe muziek.
** We bring back the heat during autumn nights! The best live shows on a Sunday. “So sit down on your chair and think about your dance affaire”, relax and enjoy our programs today 🙂

We bring as always the best Italo’s from vinyl, charts and New Gen!5-7pm CET; Another episode of DoucheCo hosted by Michiel.. The best tracks from the classic hit chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today the list of october 25th, 1986

De hits op een rij in DoucheCo. Michiel presenteert de klassieke lijst ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’. Vandaag 25 oktober 1986

7-8pm CET Again a great mix chosen by Michiel…



8-11pm CET; The sunday night live request show party time. 

We are LIVE again with lots of great new music! Playlist is in our comments.

We will be playing the new ITALOVE called “Stockholm is calling”, a brand new ALEX VALENTINI called “Thunderlove” and the latest Energy voice- P.A.S.S.I.O.N so you do not want to miss this!

Of course there is this weeks Space Synth and loads of other great music on your request.

Tonight Gwen is away for a few days so Saskia will be the “chat hostess”, Menno has to leave around 22:00h so Mark “Marco Di Luna” Lobensteijn will take his place for the rest of the show.



Will Reid’s special Club 80s show

This saturday on RSDH we start at 4pm CEST with the re-run of last fridays mixes.

Will Reid is off to Stockholm this weekend for a Italo-Party. This inspired him for the show you are about to hear at 7pm CEST.
First one hour with his choice of music from artists that will perform at this party followed by a one hour mix made by Howard Aspinall. Enjoy the show and your weekend. See you all tomorrow for our live shows!