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Saturday; Club 80s New Gen Top 40 Chart

4 till 7pm CET; Enjoy the best mixes every saturday afternoon on
Radio Stad den Haag.

-DJ Tony Renzo-The Classixx 12
-DJ Ab-Stad mix
-Surprise mix from our data base

Playlist in our previous blog

7pm CET (6pm UK Time)
The New Gen Italo/Hi-NRG Top 40 with your host Will Reid.

Its the end of the month and you have voted, what will the new number one be this month?
Will Reid runs down your Club 80s New Generation ItaloNrg Chart! With music from Italove, Linda Jo Rizzo, Steve Burbon, Savage, George Aaron and more, plus new entries from listeners like Richard De Boer, John Scott-John Andy, Kimmo Salo, Kevin Neil & Desmond Tutu..curious? Then listen tonight. it’s the place to be for your NG Fix!
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Saturday; The Club 80s New Generation Italo Top 40 chart

4pm CET Radio Stad in the mix.
2 brand new mixes again in the new year, 3 hours of listening pleasure.
(playlists in our previous blog)
-Tony Renzo-Back2basics Classixx 11
-DJ Chez-Italo all the way 46
-Surprise mix from our database

7pm CET; You had to wait longer dan usual but tonight is the night. The monthley new Gen. Italo chart hosted by Will Reid, made exclusively for Radio Stad!

Big thanks for all your votes! Six New Entries made it into the chart, but are any of them good enough to displace Italove/TQ, or have any of the other tracks hit the top spot? All will be revealed this Saturday! Do come say hello in the fabby new chat at www.c80s.co.uk or stay here to chat.
Music from Italove, Peter Wilson, Hazell Dean, Ryan Paris, Odessa, Marcel De Van, Lian Ross, Cristina Manzano and many more, including a fabby new SixMix by Scott Lucchesi, DJ Luc9. Enjoy!!


Saturday on Radio Stad Club 80s New Gen chart.

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u4 till 7pm CET Radio Stad in the MiX.
Line up;

DJ Tony Renzo-Back2Basics The Classixx 10
DJ Manuel Rios-Diciembre mix
Last hour is a surprise mix from our archives.
Playlists in our previous blog.

Every last saturday of the month….Club 80s New Generation ItaloNrg Chart for December broadcasts this Saturday 3rd December, 8pm CET/6-8pm UK, exclusive to Radio Stad Den Haag with the one and only Will Reid from Scotland.
What is your Christmas #1?


With music from Jason Horanyi (Peter Wilson), Martin Blix (Italove), Andrew Bernhard (Moderno), Hazell Dean, Stefan Melzer (Steve Burbon), Thorsten Jakob (Ian Coleen), Ryan Paris and so many more, it’s the Globe’s Premier New Generation Chart! Join the chat here on Radio Stad or go to www.c80s.co.uk/shoutbox to chat LIVE!

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Saturday; Club 80s & US DanceTracks !

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u 4 till 7pm CET; Radio Stad in the MiX
DJ Tony Renzo-back2Basics Classixx vol 7
DJ Marc Hartman- Italo Classixx APK Mix
…Surprise mix from our archives…
Playlists and details see our previous blog
12743805_10209367651855070_3120679736567014611_n 7pm CET; Its the last saturday of the month..Get ready for the only chart for the newly made;
The Italo & High NRG new generation Top 40.
Will Reid tells you around 10 pm who the number one is for this month. Will it be ItaLove? Or maybe Italoconnection or the new Savage??
You have voted and chosen your 5 favourites, Thanks! Also in this show the new six-mix.

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USDT banner_19pm CET; US DanceTracks. Tonight we have a re-run of US DanceTracks . Tune in to hear the best new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk, freestyle, funk and RnB.  Just like every Saturday Maurice Hayes will play your favorite records. Tonight you can listen to: Pamela Stanley, Teddy Pendergrass, Warp 9, Miquel Brown, Tamrock & E.Q., Kool Moe Dee, Run D.M.C. and lots more. Also appearing in the show tonight: a great mix by DJ André, the Graveyard of the Grooves and some danceable US Dance Classics picked by Marcel Stewart.

Make sure you tune in to Radio Stad Den Haag for the best US ’80’s tunes. Tonight at 9PM CET:  two hours of sheer pleasure in US DanceTracks.



Saturday; Club 80s Top 40 & US DanceTracks !

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u4 till 7pm CET; 3 Hours in the mix

DJ Tony Renzo, DJ Johan & a classic mix from our vaults
12743805_10209367651855070_3120679736567014611_n7 till 9pm CET; The monthly chart for New Gen Italo and High NRG presented by Will Reid!

You have all voted, thanks for that and tonight you will hear the results. Expect music from Hazell Dean, Lian Ross, Italove, Savage, Thomas Anders and a new SixMix.

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USDT-300x2379pm CET; US DanceTracks. Tonight we have a rerun of US DanceTracks. Your weekly US 80’s party with Maurice Hayes. Be sure to tune in for the best hip hop, funk, RnB, electrofunk, new jack swing and freestyle beats on Radio Stad Den Haag. As always we will have a great mix by DJ André at ten records past nine, the Graveyard of the Grooves and throughout the show we will get you dancing with some great US DanceClassics selected by Marcel Stewart.

Featured on US DanceTracks tonight are Bobby Brown, Jocelyn Enriquez, Grover Washington Jr., Bell, Biv, DeVoe, Noel  a.o.

Don’t miss this night’s edition of US DanceTracks: only on Radio Stad Den Haag.