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Stad Disco Zaterdag! Let’s go Extra Live this saturday! Club Stad RECORDED

At 15:00hr CET we go With DJ Manuel Rios-Junio / DJ Tedu-80s Superstar & DJ Juan Carlos-Italo Disco Set (re-run from last friday)

At 18:00hr CET we re-run last weeks Out Of Control Radio Show hosted by DJ Tony Renzo! Back in time with super disco, funk and soul tracks. A great way to warm you up for whats coming after…

Let’s Go Live at 20:00hr CET! We proudly present… ‘CLUB STAD’ 3 In the Mix, The Boiling Room !

De mannen gaan LOSS vanavond en draaien de lekkerste grooves. Van Old Skool of Nu Disco, funk, High NRG tot hip hop, 70’s, 80’s en 90’s, ze draaien het gewoon. 3 uur lang Back2Back in the mix!

En zij bellen met legende Peter Duijkersloot (Rhythm Import Amsterdam, Flora Palace, KRO’s And The Beat Goes On). Vanuit Kroatië geeft hij zijn visie op de huidige dance muziek en de rol van disco daarin.

October last year was the first session in our studio. Today you can freak out with this live mix set with selected audiance. Eric, Leon & Lex mix back2back all the great club classics from the 80s, 90s and zero’s. You cannot stop dancing! This is your night out clubbing folks… join our chat and watch these guys down here!!!

#DiscotheekdeMaraton 6 oktober is de nieuwe tribute!

After the live mix show you can enjoy a new Timemachine hosted by DJ Peter van Leeuwen (Coen Bom). Super 90s club classics and new new new stuff… yeaaahhhhh 


Coming up…new show

En wij mogen weer een nieuwe show toevoegen aan onze programmering! Maurice neemt je mee dansen in zijn Discotheek, elke dinsdag vanaf 20:30 in Disco Dance Departement. Uit je stap tijd dus Marathon, Tahitie, Locomotion, Cartouch, de Banana’s, Sandokan of waar jij dan ook maar was in de 80s,  maar ook de muziek die werd gedraaid in beroemde Amerikaanse en Europese discotheken. Feest van herkenning dus. Maurice staat open voor verzoekjes.

Vanaf 3 oktober! starts october 3!

We are very excited to announce the premiere of a brand new show on Radio Stad Den Haag: Disco Dance Department. Your host Maurice Hayes will get you moving with the best floor fillers of the 70s and 80s. Remember New York’s Studio54? Remember discotheek De Marathon or any other populair clubs from the good old disco days? Then you will hear a lot of familiar dance tunes in Disco Dance Department.

As of October 3rd the doors will open at 8:30 PM CET every Tuesday here on your radio. Make sure you put on your dancing shoes and join us for this great disco dance party. Two hours of the best danceable 70s and 80s gems on your favourite battle station. And of course we will take requests.
So spread the word: Disco Dance Department every Tuesday 8:30 PM CET on Radio Stad Den Haag!


US Dance Tracks

USDT-300x2378:30pm CET; Tonight we will entertain you with a re-run of US DanceTracks with your hosts Maurice Hayes and André den Hartog.  Tune in at 8:30 PM this evening. Some of the records Maurice Hayes will play for you: Jermaine Stewart, Barry White, Det Reirruc & Latin Rascals, Dayton, Joyce ‘Fenderella’ Irby, Face and Walter & Scotty. Ofcourse we have a great mix by DJ André plus some of his personal favorites hand-picked especially for you.

For the best funk, freestyle, new jack swing, hip hop, electrofunk and RnB, tune in to Radio Stad Den Haag tonight at 8:30 PM CET for another great edition of US DanceTracks.



8:30 pm CET: Join us for a brand new LIVE edition of US DanceTracks. Your weekly US 80’s party with Maurice Hayes. Be sure to tune in for the best hip hop, funk, RnB, electrofunk, new jack swing and freestyle beats on Radio Stad Den Haag. As always we will have a great mix by DJ André, all our regular items and throughout the show André den Hartog will get you dancing with some of his personal fav’s.

Featured on US DanceTracks tonight are The Brothers Johnson, The Real Thing, Dayton, 2Pac, Zapp, Gwen Guthrie, Candyman a.o.

As always we have a Best of Three tonight. Tonight you can choose from three Barry White dance gems:

  • You See The Trouble With Me
  • Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe
  • Let The Music Play

Join us in the chat and give us your favorite track of The Walrus Of Love and we will play it in tonight’s edition of US DanceTracks.

Hear it, see it, feel it! US DanceTracks LIVE: only on Radio Stad Den Haag.


US DanceTracks

US Dance Tracks_600At 8:30 pm CET tonight we have a rerun of US DanceTracks.  Attending tonight:  Today, Shalamar, Tavares, Time Zone, Booker Newberry III, Exposé, The Temptations and lots more. Maurice Hayes and André den Hartog will host tonight’s US DanceTracks party.  Make sure you don’t miss it!

As every week Maurice will play the bestRnB, funk, electro, hip hop, freestyle, swingbeat and André has picked some mighty fine personal fav’s. Of course we have a great mix by DJ André .

If you like ’80’s music from the USA make sure to tune in tonight at 8:30 pm CET to Radio Stad Den Haag and listen to US DanceTracks. Send your suggestions to request@usdancetracks.com or tweet them to @USDanceTracks.