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Radio Stad sunday live shows RECORDINGS

bar 11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n5 till 7pm CET; Michiel takes you back to 1984 with the classic chart ‘de Haagse Flistende 50’ click here to see the list.sunday (00000)

Between 7 & 8 a surprise mix

8 till 11pm CET the one and only live request show with Menno, Gwen and Michiel as your ever confusing, hysteric hosts. This eve  The Stad Marathon minimix made by DJ Wingman, the spacesynth track, a new New gen Italo from LA; Tyrants in Therapy with Dont be Scared. But also great requests like Beckie Bell, Alan Barry, Fred Ventura, Max Him, Linda Jo Rizzo, Lycon and more.. As a guest we had producer, composer and master DJ Savino in the house, we played his  new track. Enjoy thhis fun evening with our recordings!

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Radio Stad Den Haag sunday live shows RECORDING

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n5 till 7 pm CET- DoucheCo show with Michiel. A shower full of disco and dance from the 1984

7 till 8pm CET a surprise mix.

We know there is football tonight so if your are watching that..turn of the sound of your tv and listen to us, the best of both worlds 😉
13581977_1345178215495740_5638423654402313396_o114222555 8 till 1pm CET- Sunday night live request show with Menno, Gwen and Michiel. This evening the world primeur of the new Savage on Flashback records. Ofcourse a new Spacesynth track by Chris van Buren and  and we had an interview on the phone all the way to the States with Roni Griffith! She told evrything about Bobby Orlando, Kid Creole & Coconuts and her new music projects! Thanks to Rick who donated the telephone costs. And we played all your requests and new songs like Italove, Claudio, Cruising Gang, Philip, Two man sound, Nu Shooz, Vera, Stylove, Nemesy, Roni Griffith and so much more….enjoy the download

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Sunday live shows EXTRA – RECORDINGS

live-on-airWhat a terrible job we have… (unpaid that is so feel allways free to do a donation to support us)

trying to make the best radio with the best shows to entertain you, you and you. It gives a smile on our faces to give you presents 🙂 So are you ready??
11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n4 till 7pm CET-Live DOUCHECO show with Michiel and the classic chart de Haagse Flitsende 50 from the 80s

logo-brancoreceived_883347788400265 7 till 8pm CET- The monthly LIVE MIX SESSION. Back to back DJ Renaldo and The Wingman blasting your speakers away. What a great mix hour it was and its recorded
tumblr_my2vu3Kd811req0feo1_12808 till 11pm CET-Pump up the volume with the SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE request show.
Sooo many cool, new, yet unreleased and currently released new tracks tonight! An unreleased track by Grant Miller from the 80s and the story behind it by G.M., The new remake of a Savage track on Flashback records and the story behind it, a new Vanello, the new Dario Silver produced by Mirko Hirsch, a new Kristian Conde feat. Victoria and the new track by Italove A and B side. Also a spacesynth and the item ‘Savino’s original’ where did an Italo track originaly came from…… Enjoy the recording


13581977_1345178215495740_5638423654402313396_o dario 13563699_1621496164831247_675573985_n
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Release party Albert One feat. i Venti Records

If you want to see Albert One live come to this party. Radio Stad will give away some entrance tickets during the live shows on sundays.

Albert One will perform his new forthcoming track on I Venti Records “Face To Face”  with a special act and his biggest hits live on stage. On this evening you can also buy the new vinyl on i Venti Records in a coloured sleeve and Alberto will surely sign this for you on the spot.
Don’t miss this I Venti Records release party with DJ’s Eddy Mi Ami, Savino Deejay and Peter Nederpelt


X-Mas Week Programming



Wij wensen alle van Radio Stad den Haag luisteraars hele fijne dagen toe. Tot en met zaterdag hebben wij voor jouw een speciale programmering. A.s. zondag zenden wij de top 100 uit. Je kunt nog tot zaterdag stemmen! En wie weet win jij éen van die vele leuke prijzen!

We wish all our listeners a Merry Christmas! Untill saturday evening we have a special program lined up. Next Sunday we will broadcast our annual Top 100! You can still vote untill saturday and who might win a prize for sending in your Top 10.ChristmasRadioMicrophoneThinkStock

Here is a video especialy made for you by our colleque and composer Eddy Mi Ami, the music mix with the English promo is made by our national mix-DJ Joop van Wingen.

******************* CHRISTMAS WEEK PROGRAM ********************


Thursday/Donderdag 25 December

18:00 PM CET- a Top 100 Mix by SAVINO DEEJAY

19:15 PM CET- an Old School Christmas show from 2010 with Herman, Edward, Gwen and Michiel.

23:00pm CET- New Wave Mega mix by DJ BPM

00:29pm CET- Italo Gemms Mix by Flemming Dalum

Friday/Vrijdag 26 December

19:00 till 23:00 PM CET- The Special TQ show broadcasted this year, with Special guests Kristian Konde, Ian Nguyen, Will Reid, Alexandar Raijkovics, John Sauli (Rofo), Michiel van der Kuy, Marcello and telephone calls with Lian Ross and Debrah Gaynor! What a nice way to spend your Boxing day!

Om 20:00 uur op 2e kerstdag de herhaling van de geweldige live show dit jaar met TQ in de hoofdrol. Zij deden onze studio aan op hun Europese Tour. In deze uitzending hoor je Kristian Konde uit Spanje, Ian Nguyen, Will Reid, Alexandar Raijkovics, John Sauli, Michiel van der Kuy, Marcello en telefonische interviews met Lian Ross en Debrah Gaynor

23:00pm CET- A ZYX Spacesynth mix by Seva Ergrover…Brand New!

23:40pm CET- Instrumental Modernism Mixtape by Fred Ventura…Brand new!

1661134_10201795898434689_2101329330_nSaturday/Zaterdag 27 December

16:00pm CET- The Top 100 2013 Mega mix by SCOTT MARTIN!

19:00pm CET- WILL REIDS monthly New Generation Italo/Hi-NRG Top 40.
Who will be on number one this month…is it Queen Michi?? You have voted and tonight you will hear the results. As ever prrresented in the charming Scottish way. Music by Hazell Dean, Debrah Gaynor, Fred Ventura, Sinita and many more. Chat with Will live on

21:00pm CET- Rerun of the ZYX Spacesynthmix by Seva Ergrover

21:42pm CET- Rerun of Fred Ventura’s Intsr. Modernism Mixtape

22:40pm CET- Italo Wintermix by Aroy Dee

23:00pm CET- 84 on the Dancefloor mix by Eddy Mi Ami

 Of je nu alleen bent deze dagen of met familie en vrienden..zet je radio gewoon op Stad! Wij slepen je er doorheen..met de leukste programmas. Zorg dat je fris bent zondag voor de TOP 100 Aller Tijden! Vanaf 12 uur smiddags kun je inschakelen tot in de late uurtjes.

Make sure you didnt drink to much these last couple of days and that your up and fresh for the Top 100 of all time this sunday. Tune in at 12 noon pm CET!