Andre den Hartog in Stad Classics Live

8pm CET- Live the ‘Stad Classics’ show hosted by DJ Andre! Re-live your history!

Back on air this wednesday! Andre used to be a club DJ in the 80s, has a huge vinyl collection and lots of music knowledge.
Expect music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Music from the time you were dating and going to Clubs & Discotheques and..items like ‘who sampled who’ and other very nice music facts.

And…he always ends with a something special!

40 Years Radio Stad Den Haag!

Watch it here and join our chat!

Andre den Hartog draait platen uit zijn enorme vinyl archief.. 40 jaar Radio Stad Den Haag!
‘Stad Classics’ is een programma waar je weer helemaal terug gaat naar je jeugd en dus ook jouw stap-tijd. De Marathon, Corniche Club, Het Teejater, Sandokan, Cartouche, Club Westwood, de IT, Tempel, La D S, of welke club dan ook! Misschien zelfs wel Studio 54! Stil zitten wordt lastig.

As off december 1st Mixcloud no longer offers free uploads (only 10 a year) Therefor you can download the shows in audio, for free, from our own stack. Go to missed shows on top and click on download or…watch the shows via our famous youtube channel! RSDH is allways at your service