RMXD Show By DJ Zwaardski !

8-10pm CET – Every thursday RMXD. Show. Tonight episode 97 hosted by Harold Zwaartman.
It is December Mix Month so we present the best mixes of all time!
All selected by the listeners of RMXD. A total of 176 people have sent in their favorites of all time.

Enjoy a fantastic new episode with great items, short interviews with DJ’s, the best mixes from all over the globe and with lots of dedication put together and hosted by DJ Zwaardski.

Here is tonights extra special december edition line-up !

First hour: Best Mash-ups of all time

10. Roppenzo Bootlegs (NL) – Close to a bug
09. Ben Liebrand (NL) – 10cc vs Art of Noise – Moments not in love
08. PartyBen (USA) – Every car you chase
07. JPL (NL) – The true message
06. FutureRecords (NL) – We just fireball mashup
05. DJ Prince (NOR) – Ceejay vs Wham vs Michael Jackson
04. Sterbinszky & Coddie (Hungary) – New order vs Daft punk vs Depeche mode
03. Ben Liebrand (NL) – Queen vs Genesis – mama will rock you
02. DJ’s from Mars (IT) – Every perfect breath you take
01. Robin Skouteris (GR) – Moonlight hotel

Second Hour: Best remixes of all time

10. Ben Liebrand (NL) – The Flirts – Passion (Studio 57 version)
09. Marc Hartman (NL) – The supermax project – Lovermachine
08. DJ Prince (NOR) – Foreigner – I want to know what love is
07. Dutchforce (NL) – Rank 1 – Airwave
06. FutureRecords (NL) – K. Barré – Right by the moon FutureRemix
05. Sanny X (GR) – Madonna – Into the groove
04. Peter Slaghuis (NL) – Paul Rein – Stop give it up
03. Rutger Kroese (NL) – Marsha Raven – Catch me (Big Ben mix)
02. DJ Tiesto (NL) – Delirium – Silence
01. Ben Liebrand (NL) – Phil Collins – In the air tonight

Enjoy, as always…..RMXD!
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