Freewheel- & I Venti d’Azzurro Live show 20191230 RECORDED

7-9pm CET- In 2 hours Michiel will play anything, from new wave to Disco and all in between. Watch this whole evening with Radio Stad TV. Chatbox is open.

21:00 CET – The one and only i Venti d’Azzurro live show!

Tonight the last i Venti show of this year hosted by Marcello! The first hour is for some more Top 100 Bubbling unders. The we have special female guests this evening…. 2 of the 3 Space Girls (Eurobeat Dave Rogers Pasquini) will be in the studio!! Paolo jay will also join and more guests. So stay here with us and enjoy this show with Pizza & beer and bubbles !!

And…tomorrow on New years eve we show a unique video here on our website! never shown befor and it will not be heard in our stream. It will start at 8pm CET sharp

i Venti shows will be ready within 24 hours. Also on Youtube and Mixcloud. Just click on download section on top to see it all.