On saturday’s we are Out of Control!

“De Stad Disco zaterdag is niet zo maar een dag vol Disco!”

Vergeet niet te stemmen voor de Top 100, je hebt nog bijna 7 dagen, stembus sluit op 27 december om 12 uur ‘s middags!

At 16:00 CET we Re-run our friday mixes, too good not to listen again or in case you have missed it

*Andre den Hartog -Rhythm Kitchen Mix vol 32(dur.2hrs)
*Peter Duijkersloot-And the beat goes on 226

all info & covers in our friday post or on facebook Enjoy!

19:00- This Saturday on Radio Stad Den Haag the last Out Of Control Radio Show of this year hosted by Tony Renzo!
With music from Kid Machine, Curacao, Paradis Garde, Gazuzu, Glenn Edritch White ao.. A remake of Mr. Flagio by Mike Kremlin, A re-edit of Jimmy Bo Horn by Dj Sies Naipal, Flemming Dalum remixes, a minimix by DJ Martin Boer and more new fresh music.The place 2 be at 19.00h cet.