Sunday Live Shows 20191103 RECORDED

Back on air! Live from our studio in the Netherlands. The best way to end your weekend. Let’s spin some new music & old school dance tracks . Cams are rolling and chatbox is open!

17-19h CET; DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He will play the best tracks from the classic hit chart once broadcasted on RSDH. This weeks chart is from November 10 1984. If you want to see all these charts? Click HERE
Zit je er weer klaar voor? Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze uit de enige echte Haagse Flitsende 50 van weleer. Deze week de lijst van 10 November 1984!

Between 19-20hr a live mix session with Joe Nathan ! Cams are rolling

20-23hr CET… Is it winter at youre place? snowing maybe? or getting hot like in Australia..wherever you are on the globe, Let’s have some fun together. We play Italo, electro & Hi NRG tracks from vinyl & Ofcourse your requested songs.
Click HERE to submit your track. or to leave a comment. (you do not get confirmation of yr request, we had to change the requests plug in due to a lot of spam) Menno, Gwen & Michael at your service!

Again some new releases at the New Gen firmament, just a few days old! Go get it and support the artists. The new Bunny X. synthwave/italo disco from NY city called Revolving doors. Italove, the trio from Sweden did it again. lets view the 2 new tracks on video !. Then an exclusive Spacesynth this evening, thanks to Anton Eriksson alias Spacehawk, first on your RSDH.

Also Every sunday, a bit after 10:30pm CET a mini-mix (APK mix) by Marc Hartman.
‘Even-over-half-met Hartman’ (Radio 10) met een gave APK mix van 6 minuten

Within 24hrs all shows are in our download section, and on mixcloud & youtube, and the playlist will be in the comments.

1 thought on “Sunday Live Shows 20191103 RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Nov. 03, 2019.
    -Check Up Twins – Sexy Teacher (1985)
    -Steve Arrington – Dancin’ In The Key Of Life (1985)
    -Reale Accademia – She’s Mine (1986)
    -Max – Day By Day (1989)
    -Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) (1983)
    -Digitaria – Little Girl (2015)
    -Michael Ray – Just A Dream (1984)
    -Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen (1983)
    -New Look – Stage (1985)
    -Italove – Burn This City (2019)
    -Lou Sern -Swiss Boy (1985)
    -Bunny X – Revolving Doors (2019)
    -Albert One – Hopes & Dreams (1987)
    -Barry Lane & Vanello – Journey To The Moon (2018)
    -Evelyn Thomas – Masquerade (1984)
    -Spacehawk – Universe (Promo Mix) (2019)
    -Taffy – I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (1985)
    -Lost Legacy – Lycan (2015)
    -Italove – Hold The Line (2019)
    -De Gama – Sexual Fever (1987)
    -Inner City – Good Life (1988)
    -First Choice – Doctor Love (1977)
    -Lift Up – Diamonds Never Made A Lady (1985)
    -Vision – Midnight Passion (2018)
    -Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive (M. Hartman Apk Mix) (2019)
    -Brian Ice – Talking To The Night (1985)
    -Ken Laszlo – Dancing Together (2009)
    -Gee Rampley – Radio Style (1984)
    -Odyssey – Going Back To My Roots (1981)
    -Exposé – Point Of No Return (1984)
    -Freddie James – Get Up And Boogie (1979)